Willkommen in Deutschland! Welcome to Germany! If you’ve recently arrived, your head may be spinning from a combination of jetlag and the sheer amount of information coming your way. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Moving overseas is a big change with a lot of moving pieces.
DISCLAIMER: While working from home is a great and flexible option for military spouses overseas, it is vital to ALWAYS check with your legal office and host nation's rules and regulations on the protocols for legally being allowed to work from home.
Even though many military youth try to cover it up, not think about it and NEVER talk about it, most kids worry something will happen to their mom or dad while they're deployed. You can make yourself kind of crazy worrying about them.
If you’re expecting a tax return this year, chances are you are already thinking about how to spend it. Have you thought about where this additional money can put you financially? Think of your tax return as just another paycheck that comes in, and give that money a purpose.
If you are a spouse of a servicemember or DOD employee, moving to an overseas location is commonly thought to mean certain death for your career prospects upon arriving. This grim assumption does not have to be true. Here are a few tips to ease your career transition when you move to Europe.
Whether you’ve been in Europe for a while now or you’re a newcomer, knowing the drill of keeping up with friends and family in different time zones is tricky. Lining up the perfect time in both locations is hard when you’re on different schedules than each other.
Using a credit card can be the safest and most effective way of carrying currency and buying things “on the economy” when stationed overseas.
There are a plethora of PCS (Permanent Change of Station) advice articles out there, but after reading some of the cringe-worthy moving experiences shared by fell
You’ve been praying to the PSC gods for an overseas assignment and they’ve finally answered! You’ve gotten orders to the United Kingdom, one of the military’s coveted overseas assignments, and you’re beyond excited to start your new adventure. After the news has settled, you start to panic.
KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- When you're relocating back to the States or to another overseas assignment, you'll leave friends, coworkers and your community behind -- but one thing you shouldn't leave behind is an inoperable vehicle.
Moving is always a big undertaking, but when you or your spouse is a service member, it's a way of life. Even if you're a pro at box assembly and strategic bubble wrapping, you can still use a little assistance.
Quick tips for reducing relocation stress
In Germany, if you are in an accident and your car does not have tires adequate for winter weather, you could be held responsible by authorities, even if you are not at fault. You will have to pay a fine, and your insurance may refuse coverage resulting in an additional financial hardship.
New Year’s celebrations pop and bang with fireworks. But as popular as fireworks displays are, their bursts of light and deafening explosions can be traumatic to animals.
Wintry weather is common in Europe through April. The last thing you want is to get caught without required equipment.
Rules for winter tires
A military career means moving and sometimes it means moving right away. The surprise PCS is one of the most dreaded events because it turns your world upside down with very little time to adapt, a million questions to answer, and no time to get everything done. 
Three days before we were supposed to be on a plane to London, my husband’s leave still hadn’t been approved. He’d submitted the request as soon as he was able, but it seemed to have hit a snag on its way up the chain of command.