How to become an American Red Cross volunteer

Community News
July 17, 2018
It is PCS season. Many of our neighbors have gone back home, and we see new ones coming in. Some feel homesick, while others probably do not know what to do with everything they...

Helpful ways to break the PCS news to your kids

July 08, 2018
Moving is second-nature for military families. Right when you get settled, BAM! Orders drop, the packers invade and suddenly your house looks more like a box warehouse. It can be...

Tips for surviving the deployment cycle

Community News
July 15, 2018
Here are steps that you can take that will help you and your family prepare for and survive the deployment cycle.

Parenting ideas for all phases of deployment

July 20, 2018
Find out how to help your children cope with all phases of deployment.

How to find employment as a substitute teacher

July 18, 2018
Military life is such a transient one. We move every three to five years, which sometimes leaves spouses looking for a new job just as often. This can be extremely challenging!

Absentee voting overview

Community News
July 12, 2018
Overseas citizen voters face a specific set of voting challenges, but we provide information and resources so you can successfully vote absentee.
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