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Living like a local in Italy

May 20, 2018
As things start to settle down with your move to Italy, it’s best to immerse yourself in the culture as soon as you can.

Personal enrichment avenues while stationed in Italy

May 21, 2018
Understanding the SOFA agreement between the U.S. and Italy will set realistic expectations for career opportunities during your time in Italy.

Get connected in Italy

May 16, 2018
Upon arrival, getting the basics set up is vital. This includes your phone, internet, and television! The good news is that you have a variety of options and many resources are...

Finding a home in Italy

May 18, 2018
It’s important to be open-minded as you search for your new home. Italian homes are much different, smaller and older than what you may be used to.

Beat culture shock

Community News
April 26, 2018
While there are plenty of exciting experiences awaiting you when you move to Europe, there is also an adjustment period that nearly all people face once they begin to settle into...

Life for your pets in Italy

May 19, 2018
If you've brought your furry friend to Italy, you must register them at your installation's vet clinic within the first 10 days of arriving.
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