Top 5 cafes in Kaiserslautern

by Amanda Palumbo
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Starbucks has officially invaded K-Town and while you might be rushing to pick up your orange mocha Frappuccino (bonus points if you get the reference) there are so many fantastic local cafes you can hit up, especially if you're a fan of the timeless German tradition of “kaffee und kuchen,” cake and coffee. Here are five cafes worth checking out.

Barbarossa Bäckerei

Multiple Locations

Barbarossa Bäckerei is a chain-bakery in Germany and they are everywhere. You'll see one on a corner and three blocks later you'll see another one. I'm going to be honest, I'm not a fan of their plain coffee. However, they do a huge selection of sandwiches, pastries and cakes. My personal favorite and potentially the reason I've gained five pounds since moving here is their black forest cake. They're open seven days a week and some locations are finally accepting credit cards.

Café Krummel

Gasstraße 37

If you've ever been inside a cafe and thought, “I could really use some candy to go along with this pastry and coffee,” Café Krummel has you covered. It's not only a full-service bakery but a chocolate shop as well. They have a good selection of fruit tarts, cakes, pies and breads. You can also special-order cakes or pies. This shop is open on Sundays but closed on Mondays.


Rummelstraße 14

Translating to milk and sugar, this cafe is more than just pastries and coffee, which are both fantastic here. They offer hot breakfast dishes, daily specials, a full bar and live music. Milchundzucker is closed on Sundays and only takes cash.


Barista Café

Kerstraße 21

Barista Café is a tiny shop just down the street from the K in Lautern. Their cake and pastry selection is smaller than most but everything is made in-house. One thing I noticed about the slice of cake I ordered — it wasn't overly sweet, which I prefer. The staff is also incredibly friendly, and the service is top-notch.


Pirmasenser Straße 5

If you're vegan or a fan of organic eating, CARLA OHIO is the spot for you. Even if you're not either of those things this cafe is worth a visit. It definitely has a coffee shop, hipster vibe with benches, throw pillows and eclectic furniture. They offer more than just pastries and coffee with new dishes to try each visit. They also make an amazing breakfast bowl with fresh fruit, yogurt, chia seeds and fresh mint. If you're needing to get work done because your cat won't stop walking across your keyboard while you're typing this article, they have free and fast Wi-Fi. CARLA OHIO is closed on Mondays.

There is nothing wrong with swinging by a Starbucks in Germany, especially if you're a little homesick. I personally miss my sugar free Cinnamon Dolce iced coffee with cream that I would drink even in the winter. But, if you have time to spare, sitting in a classic German cafe with homemade pastries and cakes is definitely an experience everyone should have, or if you're like me, indulging yourself on a weekly basis.

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