Get your sushi fix at these 5 restaurants

by Jerry Allison
Stripes Europe

My husband and I have a fondness for sushi. An affection, really. We both look for sushi restaurants on our travels. Below are some places that we recommend visiting while traveling Europe.

Sticks 'n Sushi
It’s by far our favorite sushi restaurant from our travels. This spot in London reminds me of places we visited regularly in the D.C. area. The appetizers are as wonderful as the sushi. I recommend trying the Ebi bites as a starter, which is tempura shrimp with miso aioli, chili, lime and coriander. From there, you can have a sushi platter or bites. I preferred ordering a set of sushi and tried the Mini Maki Maki, which had four different sushi rolls that I enjoyed. Don’t like sushi? Don’t worry — you can order cooked food as well, like the Man Food dish, which consisted of chicken meatballs, pork belly, chicken with chili and teriyaki, spare ribs, and more. We visited the one in Greenwich, London; however, there are several restaurants in the London area as well as Copenhagen, Denmark.


When walking through Heidelberg, we saw many diverse restaurants from burgers to Indian to sushi. And of course, sushi stuck in my husband’s head. We could go nowhere else BUT sushi, so we went. SameSame has 4.5 stars on Yelp and only space for 20 people, so make a reservation if you go in the evening. When we went, it wasn’t crowded at all for a touristy Saturday afternoon. You can order sashimi, nigiri, maki and rolls. The Chirashi Sushi, or “Scattered Sushi,” looks like a bowl of just raw seafood; however, underneath is rice. My husband loved it. I suggest going the next time you visit Heidelberg.

Sushi House
The first time we went to Amsterdam, my husband and I drove six hours to get there. When we arrived, we were starving and went in search of a restaurant. We ended up ordering from Sushi House and taking it back to the hotel. The sushi is very much like what you can order at Sushi Hana in Ramstein; however the roll and hand-roll menus were much larger. So if you miss specialties like dragon rolls, you can certainly order them here.

Sushi Point
Similar to our experience in Amsterdam, the first night my husband went in search of food in Delft, we landed at a sushi to go place. Sushi Point is similar to Sushi House but has a more diverse menu of rolls. Plus, there’s always some sort of special going on, which is how we ordered 40 pieces of sushi for about 30 euros. It hit the spot the first night, and when we go back to the Netherlands, we will surely visit again.

Looking for a sushi restaurant a little closer to the Kaiserslautern Military Community? Then I recommend Yedo in Homburg, situated near the Marktplatz. It has the most extensive sushi menu I’ve seen in Germany, featuring rolls, nigiri, special nigiri, maki, inside out, sashimi and more. The best part is the lunch menu, which includes miso soup and a selection of sushi for under 10 euros. Or go on Mondays, when the menu is 20 percent off!


Photos taken at Sticks 'n Sushi by Jerry Allison.

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