If there’s one takeaway from living in Germany it is that Germans excel at many things they put their minds to. From cars to beers, Germans definitely know about quality, and their wine is no exception.
Afternoon tea is a fantastically fun and delicious affair. Savory finger sandwiches, warm scones, sweet cakes and petit fours accompany steaming pots of freshly brewed tea. Before you venture out, here are a few helpful dos and don’ts of afternoon tea.
Before you go 
In the military, you learn to prepare for the future by using the tools at your disposal. Saving money falls into that preparation category. The more money you save, the more prepared you will be for opportunities or unexpected events that come your way.
In Germany, pumpkin isn’t for jack-o-lanterns and pies — the pumpkin harvest is a reason to celebrate! This autumn, venture to these Kürbisfests near the Kaiserslautern Military Community.
What comes to mind when you find out you’re headed to Germany? Why, beer, of course. Not just beer, but crowds of happy people all arm in arm, singing, swaying and sloshing giant mugs of the foamy stuff, cheering each other on and eating loads of roasted meat and giant pretzels.
As we creep into fall and eventually winter, soon new fruits and vegetables will creep into the produce aisle. When produce is in-season you’ll see a lot more of it. It’ll be cheaper and likely taste better.
Fall in Germany is the best time of the year to sample the harvest’s best in wine and beer at farm, folk and city festivals that pop up all over the place.
My favorite annual event, the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt, opening Sept. 6.
Often times we, logically, think our first stop for over-the-counter medications should be a retail store - The Exchange or the Commissary. We tend to skip over preventative care products because we don’t want to spend the money.
What comes to mind when you find out you’re headed to Germany? Why, beer and wine, of course! September and October in Germany brim with wine and beer festivals, from small affairs to mega-events.
Tooth decay is the most common chronic, infectious disease affecting U.S. children.
Whether you’ve had drastic surgery or are in a position where leaving home requires a considerable and demanding effort, there are services available to alleviate the stress of everyday tasks. Below are seven services to assist you for when you may be a housebound patient.
When you’re attempting to add more protein into your life, one of the easiest things to reach for is eggs. Eggs are great. They’re easy, versatile and inexpensive.
The moment I found out I was pregnant, I felt overwhelmed with questions and decisions to make. As an American overseas, should I have my baby in the American military hospital, or a German hospital? What are the German hospitals like?
Ensuring that you and your family are making healthy decisions is an important part of your family’s overall well-being. However, with busy schedules and a million and one things to do, preparing healthy foods and finding time to exercise can be challenging.
From authentic pizza in Rome to Guinness in Dublin, we’ve done a lot of tasting and traveling in our past two years in Europe. By far, our favorite spot for food is Spain. From sizzling tapas, freshly-caught seafood and aromatic spices, Spanish food is nothing short of amazing.