Compared to its cruciferous cousins, red cabbage often takes a backseat. Years of pickling and over-boiling have left a bad taste in many a mouth.
I took a deep breath of fresh air on the top of a mountain, looked at the clear blue sky and felt grounded… only to open my eyes to the ring of a bell indicating I finished my meditation.
Jill Cowart is no stranger to military moves.
When it comes to winter physical activity, some people feel the need to consume energy and sports drinks during an afternoon walking in the cold air or skating on the lake.
It’s cold outside and you might think that sun protection is for the summer.  Even though the temperature is cooler, the sun is still powerful, so continue to wear sunscreen with sun protective fac
With or without us noticing – time will march on. It is the most precious resource we have yet so often we don’t truly realize it, because we are not mindful of it.
Relationships can be complex. Add distance to the equation, and it’s even more challenging than before.
Cold weather can take a toll on the body, especially for those who suffer from chronic aches and pains.
Have you hopped on the “lose weight” bandwagon yet this year? Lots of folks do lots of crazy things to follow a diet that promises quick loss of an unbelievable number of pounds.
Planning some New Year’s resolutions? Instead of simply resolving to lose weight or drop a clothing size, consider placing a more positive spin on your objectives.
Is your New Year’s resolution to lose 30 pounds? Stop smoking? Give up junk food? Complete your degree? The new year is an opportunity to improve your life, but there’s one problem.
Something magic happens at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Whether the last 12 months have been your best yet ...
You’ve made it through your grandpa’s jokes during the Christmas meal and handed out all of your gifts.
German gifts: Do-it-yourself Glühwein (Day 20)
By Karen Bradbury
For our next gift, it’s back to the toy shop, where a simple plastic toy that does absolutely nothing in and of itself comes under the spotlight.