We all want our children to enjoy learning, make good grades and achieve success. Nutrition and physical activity are linked to academic achievement, so making sure your children are healthy and active will assist them in reaching their academic goals.
The macaron may be petite, but its shockingly vibrant hues, complex textures and bold flavors are grand. The confection has long been handled with white gloves and gently placed in stylish boxes embossed with the emblems of Parisian patisseries.
Journaling is a fantastic way to save memories and jot down thoughts from the day. While a simple ballpoint pen and paper are classic, it can be fun to stray away from that and get more creative by experimenting with fun supplies and prompts!
I have thoroughly enjoyed all our adventures throughout Europe so far. I have to admit, before our first trip, I was pretty anxious about traveling with little ones. After all, other people do it all the time, right? How hard could it be…? HA! Some moments were pure bliss.
The sunshine is back! That means it's time to break out the blender. Smoothies are a delicious way to cool off  and get your vitamins and fruit servings for the day. Here are four treats for your tastebuds.
One of the things about photography that I love is the amount of artistic freedom you are allowed. With food photography tips/tricks, you don’t have to take a photograph any particular way. You don’t have to work with a particular exposure.
Summers in Europe can feel like a gazillion degrees outside, especially with no air conditioning. In temperatures like this, who feels up to cooking a hot meal, or eating one for that matter? Here are five easy dishes that come together in minutes, no stove required.
More often than not, the main reason people skip exercising is because they dread it. You may find it hard to wake up early to hit the gym. The thought of being out of breath and turning red doesn’t appeal to you. Or you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day.
Living in Germany? Plan ahead for the hot weather that's coming or you may be spending time camped out at the air-conditioned commissary.
Usually people tour a city by day and party by night when they’re traveling. If you’ve ever wanted to combine the two, look no further. Pedibus is a bike bar tour company that allows you to party and pedal your way through one of the world’s greatest cities - London.
You’ve heard it your entire life: drink more water. Water seems to be the magical cure for everything. Dry skin? Drink more water. Headache? Drink more water.
By the time we made it to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore — the last stop on our list of must-visit places after a long day of sightseeing in Paris — I was physically aching for an invigorating cup of hot coffee.
Ahhhhh, summer. Those lazy days that seem to last forever and go by in the blink of an eye at the same time.  Endless summer nights, sunshine, and the delicious smell of barbecue permanently in the air. What better time to throw together a party?
You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a wonderful wine from Germany. Appreciate the country's 2,000-year history of winemaking at these wine fests, open-cellar days and culinary events.
Eating healthy is great, but it’s easy to find yourself in a salad slump. Could it be time to switch that iceberg lettuce drenched in creamy ranch in favor of greener greens?
In America, July is national ice cream month, but the Europeans are serious about Eis all the time. Ice cream parlors become crowded hangouts as soon as the first spring blossoms emerge, and restaurants provide entire ice cream menus year round.