Photo by Viktor Kern
Photo by Viktor Kern

7 Reasons to go biking

by Jessica Ho
Stripes Europe

Getting behind the wheel of an automobile and heading out for the daily commute might be one of the most common ways to travel. But, there can be ways to get to work that are a lot more fun and can actually work to improve your health and well-being! Instead of driving in or heading for transit, biking or cycling can be an ideal way to improve your commute to work – and your life. 

Whether you decide to nurture the healthy habit every day or you’re going to need some motorcycle adventure products to make the journey more feasible, here are 7 reasons that biking is one of the best activities out there! 

A sense of freedom 

There’s a lot to be said for the open road, no matter what kind of mood you’re in, but getting out on it each day can do a lot to improve your sense of freedom. Since you won’t be jammed onto a bus with hordes of people or trapped in your car among seas of backed-up traffic, you’ll likely have a lot more fun navigating your way to the office.  

It’s environmentally friendly 

With so many things in the world going green these days, there’s no reason that your transportation method to work shouldn’t be a little more environmentally conscious! Fortunately, when it comes to biking, the impact on the local environment is much improved. According to a statistic by the European Cyclists Federation, 271g of carbon dioxide is emitted by cars as opposed to 21g by bicycles. It’s worth noting too that motorcycles also boast a more minimal carbon footprint than automobiles. 

Helps with mental health  

The jury may still be out on just how much cycling or motor biking can help with your mental health, but for avid bikers, the openness of the road can actually assist with clearing their head. As cycling and motorbiking can serve as a way to relieve stress, it can be a great time to ponder life and find some solitariness in the moment. While it might just be a feeling, there’s surely something to be said for the mind/body connection that can provide the uplifting feeling.  

It’s a money saver  

From its environmental benefits to its ability to help clear your head, getting out on the road to cycle in to work can certainly provide for a healthier morning commute. But, it’s easy to forget that simply cycling can be quite a money saver too! Not only will you be able to avoid the costs of gas and insurance if you forego the car, you won’t have to pay the monthly fees for transit that can quickly stack up. Really, all you’ll have to spend money on is a little maintenance here and there, and maybe a better bike lock! 

A little fresh air  

Though rainy and cold weather may not be ideal for cycling to work, when the weather is perfect, there’s nothing more pleasant than getting out to feel the wind through your hair and the sunshine on your face! 

 It’s good exercise 

Given the busy lives that most of us lead, it can be hard to squish in exercise among work, hobbies, friends and family. Fortunately, taking your bike or motorcycle to work can offer instant exercise without taking extra time! Biking improves your muscles and even add hours to your life, while motorcycling can improve the dexterity in your hands. It will also help you burn more calories than you would in the seat of a car!   

The road’s different every day 

The day in and day out of the drive to work can certainly be draining and familiar since you know the road. Fortunately, when it comes to cycling, there are more routes you can take that will inspire your sense of adventure and make each trip a new journey. Though you’ll probably find your favourite pathways over time, there’s also the possibility of finding new routes in nearby neighbourhoods and things to explore that you wouldn’t have found if not for taking the two-wheeler.  

Cycling and motorbiking can be a great way to enjoy the freedom of the road, but it’s easy to forget that there are health, environmental and even economic benefits to deciding to ride. Whatever path you decide to take and whichever bike you choose, there is no shortage of upsides when it comes to this mode of transportation! 

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