Think German foods all pork knuckle and potatoes? Think again! Germany’s food and drink is widely varied and fiercely regional, and the city of Mainz is incredibly proud of its own culinary traditions.
The new Netflix series that teaches people how to declutter their lives isn’t just popular entertainment, it’s helpful advice that can lead to a happier, healthier you.
Netflix’s new series “Tidying Up” is all the rage.
Gin is to London as beer is to Germany. Sure, you can spend hours online looking up the best bars in London, but what about the best bars that serve gin? If you’re a gin aficionado, check out this list of the top gin bars In London.
It may be winter, but that’s no reason to put your outdoor adventures on hold. When you’re properly equipped, you may find you can brave all kinds of weather.
Stay safe, smart and warm with the following tools and gear:
What does World War II and the discovery of the DNA double helix have in common? Both share a fascinating history at one of the oldest pubs in Cambridge — The Eagle.
After that heart-pounding HIIT session, refuel with high-protein, antioxidant-rich foods Im always down for a good, sweaty workout, especially one that’ll burn a lot of calories and work up a sweat in a short amount of time.
Life is stressful, and it seems as if it is more stressful by the day. There also seems to be an increased number of runners in the last few years.
This Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolates and flowers to splurge on a gastronomic experience at exceptional restaurants close to home.
ENTE Restaurant, Wiesbaden
Experiencing Germany wouldn’t be complete without trying the local foods. One thing to note about eating in Europe is the differences in table manners from most Americans. Although you don’t have to fully adapt to the traditional customs, it doesn’t hurt to try eating like a European.