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With many of their countries topping the list of greatest coffee consumers in the world, Europeans know how to brew a great cup of joe. They also have a knack for creating beautiful and fun coffee shops to serve up their delicious beverages.
Quality wines produced in Germany must be derived from a list of approved varieties, have specific alcohol content, degrees of ripeness (Oechsle), and originate from certain wine-growing regions.
As a parent of young children, your time may not always feel like your own. Despite best efforts to stay on top of your family's schedule, it may seem like there's always another mess to clean or mouth to feed. Finding time to exercise...
Dining out for people with food allergies is a hard task itself, let alone in countries where the restaurant employees don’t speak your language. Learning the ropes for eating in Europe with a food allergy is important to avoid an Epi-Pen injection and a hospital run.
When the weather becomes warmer and summer approaches, it's not uncommon for individuals to spend more time outdoors or walking in wooded areas. That's why it's truly important for people to begin protecting themselves against ticks and mosquitoes. 
A summer of sweltering sun calls for cold treats! Turn your favorite fruits into popsicles for a refreshing iced indulgence you won’t feel guilty about.
Feeling adventurous? Here are the top five most peculiar foods Germany has to offer.
Have you ever wanted to toast with Dracula or dine in the sky (and I don't mean in an airplane)? Europe has some unconventional restaurants that will pique your curiosity. Don’t let meals be an afterthought while traveling. Reserve a table for an outlandish dinner adventure.
Spring has sprung and summer is on the way. That means German grocery store produce aisles are changing. When produce is in-season you'll see a lot more of it, since it'll be cheaper and likely taste better.