New year, new you

New year, new you

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published: January 01, 2018

Now that the new year is well underway, excuses and rationalizations can easily take the place of New Year’s resolutions. It is an appropriate time to reaffirm your goals and evaluate your progress. Write down what you want to accomplish, enlist a friend or partner for support and take action.    

Put the focus on you and your health. Schedule any necessary annual appointments. Renew and refill prescriptions. Take inventory and replace expired over-the-counter medicine. Whether your personal goal is to stop smoking, eat healthy or run a half marathon, you can establish a new routine in approximately 30 days. Incorporate your new ritual into your routine for at least 15-30 minutes every day at least 5 days per week. Most military installations have workout facilities, personal trainers and aerobic and strength-training classes. Doctors routinely recommend swimming as a beneficial, low-impact exercise for strength, endurance, and even combating the aging process.

Clean house and make money at the same time. Military ID cardholders can list items for free in Stars and Stripes classified ads. Find furniture, clothing, cars, books, games, toys, instruments, among many other categories. Pick up a paper or go to and click on the classified tab at the top of the page.

Expand your mind by reading. Pick up a book … or a whole box of them. Start your own book club with the help of USAFE and Army Europe Libraries. Book Club in a Box will give you all the tools you need to start a successful book club. Connect with other readers and recruit friends, spouses, co-workers, neighbors to join. Go to for details on downloadable books, language programs, tutoring services and book club information. Choose from the list of available books and receive a kit that includes copies of the same book, discussion questions and tips for running a club.

Providing emergency communications and other services to the Armed Forces personnel, the American Red Cross has a strong presence at fourteen installations throughout Germany. Update your skill set. Health & Safety courses are offered in babysitter’s training; CPR; First Aid for Adult, Child and Infant; Automated External Defibrillation; Instructor training; and Cat & Dog First Aid. Update your skills and training at your local American Red Cross.

Living overseas can isolate you from family and friends in the States. Join a social networking site to stay in touch. Interact and keep in touch on LinkedIn or Reconnect on Facebook and you won’t even feel the need to attend your High school reunion. 

The American German Business Club (AGBC) is a non-profit organization that strives to strengthen ties between American and German businesses. Currently, there are ten chapters in Germany. Regular meetings and outings offer an informal way to personally network.

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