Hut hopping

Hut hopping

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published: July 21, 2016

Located approximately one hour from Kaiserslautern, along the heart of the Deutsche Weinstrasse, is the Edenkoben region. This charming area is home not only to excellent wine, but also to some wonderful hiking trails.

From now until November 30, you can participate in the Hütte (hut) hopping program. It’s simple – obtain a stamp card from the tourist office or at any of the participating huts. Hike the trails to the huts and get your card stamped at each one. On your fifth stamp, you receive a complimentary beverage. Participating huts includeEdenkobener Hütte am Hüttenbrunnen, Amicitiahütte, Landauer Hütte, Trifelsblickhütte and Nellohütte. It’s a great way to enjoy the natural beauty around us, as well as local refreshments.

For more information about hiking trails in the area and the program, visit

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