15 healthy snacks to eat before or after you workout

January 12, 2018
Eating a well-balanced snack before and after you exercise is essential for repairing sore muscles. Your body needs healthy fats, carbs and proteins to help break down your hard-...

10 exercises to do with your baby

January 17, 2018
Active parents are an inspiration to their children. Your patient little baby or toddler is always watching whether you realize it or not. It is a bittersweet moment when your...

How to build a positive toolbox

January 20, 2018
Closing my eyes made the spinning thoughts in my head swirl faster. I got out of bed and tried anything I could to make myself fall asleep. I tried watching television, counting...

Simple snacks rich in protein

Food & Drink
January 14, 2018
I know how important it is for you to consume an adequate amount of protein while building muscle. Sometimes it’s hard to prepare non-repetitive meals that meet your protein...

Living in the moment with mindfulness

January 03, 2018
With perpetually busy lives, it can be a challenge to live in the moment.

Quick home workout for busy days

January 11, 2018
This circuit is one of my favorites that I enjoy doing in the comfort of my home, inspired by Shape Magazine. Why is this workout so impactful? Each move targets multiple muscle...
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