Health care supplement coverage when overseas

Health care supplement coverage when overseas

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published: July 02, 2018

When a military retiree decides to retire overseas, not too much thought goes into health care coverage because after all, everyone has TRICARE for LIFE.   

However, when a retiree reaches MEDICARE at the age of 65, the big picture begins to change. 

In the USA a retiree is then eligible for MEDICARE and can use TRICARE as a backup/supplement covering almost 100 percent of costs. 

However, overseas MEDICARE is a non-player, meaning claims submitted will be denied.  Since you are overseas, you do not have a backup plan, and all you have is TRICARE for LIFE (which is very good) but as a retiree, you are only reimbursed at 75 percent after co-pays and deductibles.

Chances are, the older one gets the more often either the retiree or spouse (over the age of 65) seeks specialty care downtown from a foreign provider. These ambulatory care costs can add up fast since you must pay that other 25 percent out of pocket that TRICARE does not cover.  

It was common knowledge that before you reached the age of 65 you could obtain supplemental health care.  Within the past six months, that type of care can also be obtained for senior citizens of MEDICARE age too!  It might cost around $70 a month (depending on age), but it might be worth it.

For more information, check with one of your supporting military associations such as USAA, AFA, AFSA or MOAA.  They should be able to provide health care supplemental insurance information upon request.

If you cannot obtain the info required, you can write to the author of this article. He is a firm believer in the adage “Shared knowledge is power” (SKIP). His address is:

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