Get your fitness on at Seewald Leisure Park

Get your fitness on at Seewald Leisure Park

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published: May 10, 2018

An hour away from Stuttgart, the town of Enzklösterle is a Black Forest must-see for any active German traveler. Laced with hiking paths, cycling trails, mini-golf, a giant amusement park, ropes courses, dance halls and more, Enzklösterle is the place for the outdoorsman in all of us.

If hiking is something you’re interested in, there are plenty of paths at different difficulty levels. What sets Enzklösterle apart is that there’s a path just for kids. It runs adjacent to the main adult hiking trail and has puzzles and Trollpfad (or troll path), to keep the little ones entertained for hours. There is also a lovely nature route that runs about 3 kilometers with prime sightings of the famous Schwarzwald Rotwild (Black Forest red deer).

If cycling sounds more interesting, don’t worry. Enzklösterle has got you covered. There’s over 800 kilometers of cycling paths and options to go extreme mountain biking (with the proper safety equipment).

Does mini-golf sound more fun? Enzklösterle has that as well. Adventure-Golf park is a full 18-hole mini-golf course with natural hazards from the surroundings.

There’s also a multi tiered ropes course for the thrill seekers among us. With varying levels of difficulty, the world record holding climbing crag is appropriate for anyone with “sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothes,” according to the Enzklösterle tourism website.

There’s also an entrance-fee-free amusement park that offers a variety of diversions. The 1500-meter-long glissade (metal summer toboggan) through Poppeltal is the most popular attraction with prices ranging from free for children under eight years of age to 3 to 4 euros, depending on valid student identification. Enzklösterle is the place to go to please the whole family. 

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