Future fall challenges to keep your fitness regimen on track

Future fall challenges to keep your fitness regimen on track

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published: August 04, 2018

In need of motivation to keep up with your fitness routine during the hottest days of summer? You’ll need to have plenty of serious training under your belt to be ready to take on any one in this trio of grueling challenges coming up this early autumn:

Steep staircases: steep vertical climbs await those up to the challenge of Idar-Oberstein’s Felsenkirche-Treppenlauf. The course begins at Oberstein’s market square and leads runners past the Felsenkirche, a church nestled into the cliffs, and alongside castle ruins before looping back to the city center. This benefit race slated for Sept. 16 offers two routes over dirt and pavement. The shorter of the two is a 4.5 kilometer run with 350 steps and a gain of 168 meters in elevation; the long route is a 6.9 km monster with 700 steps and a gain of 282 meters in elevation.

Race registration costs 10 euros and must be completed by September 9. Registration on the day is not possible. Sign up at https://my4.raceresult.com/85373/registration?lang=de

Runners wishing to prepare for the race are welcome to take part in training sessions with organizer Marathonteam Hagner. The meet-up takes place at Oberstein’s market place on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Endless plodding: The Megamarsch is a relatively new challenge for walkers, who must cover a distance of 100 km within a 24-hour time period. The races start in the evenings, meaning walkers first tread through the darkness of night, then for many more hours under the sun or whatever conditions nature throws at them. Support stations are organized at 20 km intervals along the route. Walkers who manage to cover 40 km, 60 km, or 80 km are also awarded with certificates of recognition.

Cities in which the marches have been held or are in the planning stages include Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. Upcoming marches include those in Berlin (Sept. 1); Cologne (Sept. 22) and Frankfurt (Oct. 13). A 50 km, 12 hour challenge is slated for Stuttgart Nov. 3.

Registration for any of the upcoming 100 km marches costs 49.95 euros.

Distance trail running: The PfalzTrail in Leiningerland is a trail run incorporating steep hills, sun-dappled forests and shady valleys, interspersed with the odd vineyard or castle ruin. With its moderate altitude, the PfalzTrail serves as a good first step into the world of trail running. Those new to the sport might wish to take on either the 16.8 km or the 32.7 km trails, offering 400 and 770 meter differences in elevation respectively. Only the most seasoned of athletes will be up for the UltraRun, a 85.6 km run with a 2,440 meter difference in elevation. Those with the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in their sights can collect four points toward qualification.

Nordic walkers and those up for a more moderate day out can elect to take on an 8.8 km course. Children can take part in 900 meter and 2.7 km races; participation is free.

The race takes place on September 29. Its starting point is Carlsberg-Hertlingshausen, off Autobahn 6 roughly between Kaiserslautern and Mannheim. Registration fees range from 20 euros for the 8.8 km routes to 70 euros for the ultra-run. Prices increase as the race date approaches, so what are you waiting for? 

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