Build a better body and soul at these European yoga retreats

Build a better body and soul at these European yoga retreats

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published: September 11, 2018

Imagine the mesmerizing beauty of the blue ocean off the coast of Spain or Ireland’s endless green rolling hills. These sights alone are enough to inspire thoughtfulness and meditation on the world’s natural wonders. Take it a step further by adding a yoga retreat to some astounding landscapes and you’ve taken your vacation to a whole new level. Europe has amazing yoga retreat options in several countries just waiting for you to perfect your Shirshasana pose.

Yoga on a boat: Ibiza

Do you love yoga almost as much as you love the ocean? This could be the greatest opportunity of your life. Spend seven days sailing in the Mediterranean with a max of 10 people while you practice yoga on some of the most beautiful beaches and dine at local restaurants. In addition to yoga there are opportunities for sailing lessons, paddle boarding, snorkeling and sightseeing. The Luziana, a comfortable 47-foot-long boat, will be your home away from home and includes all facilities. There certainly is no shortage of space or time on this retreat to meditate, sunbath, relax and perfect your poses. Fair warning, you may never want to return!

Stand-Up Yoga: Ragusa

If you love water adventures, this retreat is for you. Spend five days on a stand-up paddle yoga holiday in Italy where you’ll find the perfect combination of yoga and beach activities. There are instructors to help you learn to stand-up paddle and opportunities to take extra workshops for arm-balancing, inversions, backbends and more. You’ll stay at the relaxing Floripa Kitesurf & Yoga House, during which time you’ll become acquainted with living a healthy life of harmony with nature and the rhythm of the sea. For the adventurous spirits, there is surfing, kitesurfing, boat excursions and bicycles available.

Yoga with a side of mindfulness: New Ross

Transform your mind, body and soul utilizing the Five Tibetan Rites yoga during a three-day mindfulness retreat in Ireland. This ancient yoga will help strengthen your core, manage weight, boost energy, tone you body and clear mental chatter with only five asanas (positions). Enjoy relaxing even further with counseling, meditation, massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and more during a Creacon Wellness Retreat.

All in one yoga: Andalucía

Hiking in the mountains, relaxing on the beach and practicing yoga are all included in this three-day summer retreat in Spain at the Granada Retreat Center. With whitewashed villages, rock buttresses and forests, you’re sure to fall head-over-heels in love with this haven of wellbeing. Four yoga classes are offered each day at the center, which is located in the middle of a nature reserve, along with three healthy meals, hiking tours and transportation from the Ronda train station. Access to five swimming pools and unlimited amounts of peace is just waiting for you in stunning Spain.

Refresh with food and yoga: Chalabre

For spiritual seekers only, the Yobaba Lounge in southern France is surrounded by a river stone wall and designed to help visitors relieve the feeling of being burnt out and disconnected from their body and soul. For five days you’ll stay in a chateau; eat fantastic vegan, raw food; engage in soulful yoga and meditation; and explore castles and the surrounding landscapes. Marvel at the foothills of the Pyrenees while reviving yourself. This might just be the life changing experience for which you’ve been looking.

Restorative yoga: Ericeira

If you’re in need of a full overhaul of both mental and physical health, consider an eight-day restorative yoga and invigorating Vinyasa flow yoga retreat. From massages to walking along the coast, you’re sure to leave Portugal feeling like a new person. If you’re looking for more action, there is also kayaking, surfing lessons and stand-up yoga. At Omassim Guesthouse, the beach and a better life are never far away.

Though summer is quickly coming to an end and window for fantastic beach weather is quickly closing, it’s never too early to plan a trip for next year. Whether you’re ready to run away now or want to do some serious planning, there is no wrong way to organize a yoga retreat. Pack the stretchy pants, practice some mindful breathing and get ready to have one of the most relaxing experiences of your life at some of Europe’s best yoga retreats. 

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