8 tips to keep your skin healthy this summer

8 tips to keep your skin healthy this summer

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published: July 05, 2018

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, yet often times we overlook caring for it. Whether you’re in a hot, dry or humid region of Europe this summer, your skin shouldn’t suffer. Follow these tips to keep your skin looking glowy this summer

1. Wear sunscreen even on the cloudy days to avoid harsh sun rays. Don’t overlook your lips or scalp. Find lip balms with a high SPF and sunscreen sprays for the scalp to avoid rubbing creams into your scalp.

2. Moisturize. Although it might be humid or you’re sweaty, don’t skip the body moisturizer. Keep lotion at your desk or at sinks to easily moisturize your hands.

3. Drink a lot of water. You know the drill. Water will keep your skin healthy from the inside out.

4. Exfoliate the dead skin. If your skin is burnt or dry, scrub off the dead skin to unveil fresh radiant skin.

5. Take a cool shower after sunbathing. Warm shower temperatures will further dry skin, so keep the water temperatures cool.

6. Don’t itch bug bites. With so many pesky bugs out to play this summer, you’ll likely find yourself covered in bites on a nice summer day. Don’t itch them, instead, find anti-itch cream.

7. Use fruits in your kitchen to brighten your skin. Rub the juices of a strawberry into your facial skin for a couple of minutes to brighten dark spots with time.

8. Keep Aloe Vera and Greek yogurt in the fridge to put on the sunburns.

Following these steps can make a difference on the condition of your skin if you don’t already do them. Just like you would eat good foods or indulge in physical activity to stay fit, it is just as important to keep your skin healthy.

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