Build a better body and soul at these European yoga retreats

September 11, 2018
Imagine the mesmerizing beauty of the blue ocean off the coast of Spain or Ireland’s endless green rolling hills. These sights alone are enough to inspire thoughtfulness and...

Health and wellness coaching

September 10, 2018
Yay, you! You have a goal! Not only that, but you know how to reach it!Of course, knowing isn’t the same as doing. That’s where a Military OneSource health and wellness coach...

Receiving treatment on the local economy

September 03, 2018
When space-available health services at MTFs are not available for U.S. citizens living in Germany, patients may be referred to host-nation providers.

My birth experience in Germany

Community News
September 13, 2018
The moment I found out I was pregnant, I felt overwhelmed with questions and decisions to make. As an American overseas, should I have my baby in the American military hospital,...

The ins and outs of dental care

August 24, 2018
A variety of factors affect whether or not dental care is available for the family of active-duty service members stationed overseas. These factors include facility location,...

Benefits of having a workout buddy

September 15, 2018
Finding the motivation to get to the gym can be a struggle, sometimes near impossible. Add on trying to plan a workout and eating healthy on top of everything and things just get...
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