Try foods like a local

Try foods like a local

by: Kristi Adams | .
Stripes Europe | .
published: September 29, 2018

For me, one of the best things about travel is the opportunity to try new foods throughout the world. From fresh paella and tapas in Spain, to Portugal’s smothered “oh-so-good” Francesinha sandwiches, to house made pasta and limoncello in Italy – nothing can quite compare to enjoying authentic dishes in the city or countries in which they originated.

Maybe it’s the magic of a new city as your senses compete against each other for prominence, your brain working to process the combination of jaw-dropping sights and skylines juxtaposed with unique and different flavors. Sensory neurons firing, as our brains work overtime to create new memories in an enriched environment.

But, in a new city – especially in large metropolises, like Rome, Barcelona, Budapest, Lisbon or London, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to research the best place to get fresh, authentic cuisine that won’t land you in a tourist trap. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a bridge between good local cuisine and you?

One company is working very hard to make that happen – BonAppetour! Passionate foodies in cities across the world are offering exciting food experiences to travelers and fellow foodies, all brokered through BonAppetour.

Take a small, guided tour with a local chef on a food trail of her favorite eateries in town, learn the secrets of Spanish Sangria with an experienced bartender, or have a Portuguese grandmother teach you in her home how to make paella, or even experience an outdoor food excursion – there’s a good chance you’ll find something that excites your senses and has you reaching for your suitcase.

Visitors can search by cities, peruse featured upcoming events, find traveling tips and more on the site. With more than 15,000 passionate members in 80 cities around the world – BonAppetour might just be the key to unlocking your next vacation and food adventure.

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