Satisfy your mexican cravings at Crazy Nate’s in Nuremberg

Satisfy your mexican cravings at Crazy Nate’s in Nuremberg

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published: June 07, 2018

Been craving Mexican but cringing when you think about how it could potentially taste incredibly bad in Germany? Don’t sweat it. Crazy Nate’s West Coast Mexican restaurant in Nuremberg is serving up fresh food with a laid-back vibe. This restaurant literally could not make eating out any easier for you. Walk in, find a table, order at the window, wait approximately 5 minutes for your food, enjoy and bust your table. You could be in and out within 10 minutes if you really wanted, but I recommend you stay!

Since 2016, Crazy Nate’s has been making food with local products and ingredients. They make their own fresh salsa, guacamole, refried beans and marinades for the meat. They even cater to those with diet restrictions, like vegan or gluten-free. Their menu is moderately small, but don’t let that deter you. That just means the items available have been perfected.

Start off with an order of Macho Nachos, which are loaded with all the good stuff. Then try tacos with cactus, smoky citrus tofu, shredded chicken, carnitas pork or barbacoa beef. For something a little heartier, try a burrito with similar meat options. They offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to top off your meal. Margaritas are of course on the menu and made with 100 percent agave tequila, high-quality Triple Sec and juice. Don’t forget dessert! The homemade ice cream sandwiches are amazing, as are the vegan chocolate jalapeno cookies.

While it’s not Chipotle, I wouldn’t write this place off. It’s most definitely healthier! Fast, friendly service with a smile makes this restaurant a must try when in Nuremberg. Go with a hearty appetite and sample everything on the menu. You won’t be disappointed! You might even want to sneak home a few of the vegan cookies to munch on later. 

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