Restaurant Mincovna - a treasure in Old Town Prague

Restaurant Mincovna - a treasure in Old Town Prague

by: Kristi Adams | .
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published: June 24, 2018

Just around the corner from the unmistakable twin-spired Týn Church, is one of Prague’s most delicious restaurants – the Restaurant Mincovna (Restaurace Mincovna).

Aptly named for an 18th and 19th century coin mint (mincovna), the Restaurant Mincovna is a real treasure in Old Town. With a modern presentation of traditional Czech dishes, we found the restaurant so delicious – we ate dinner here two nights in a row on a recent trip to Prague.

We lucked into a table the first night by charming the seating hostess with Czech. But the food was so good, we didn’t want to take any chances and miss dinner here the next night, so we made reservations for the following evening. We were very glad we did, as we saw several turned away the next evening as the restaurant was completely packed.

The menu is seasonal, as the restaurant capitalizes on the freshest ingredients and flavors. In summer, you may find delicious goat cheese salads, or smoked duck breasts tossed in a mint, herb ginger dressing. Winter and fall will treat you to heartier fare, such as roast beef, creamed parsnips and mouthwatering goulash.

Although the restaurant is in the tourist-packed section of Old Town, the eatery itself is far from a tourist trap. The space is beautifully appointed with historic relics displayed throughout, a reminder of the location’s past life as a coin mint.  

With excellent cuisine at prices that won’t break the bank – the Restaurant Mincovna should be a must on your list!

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