Romance is in the air at Clos Maggiore

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Romance is in the air at Clos Maggiore

by: Genevieve Northup | Stripes UK | February 01, 2017
Clos MaggioreCuisine: European, French
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 12:00-14:30, 17:00-23:00
Sunday: 12:00-14:30, 17:00-22:00
33 King Street
WC2E 8JD Covent Garden, London
United Kingdom
Phone: 0 20 7379 9696

During a recent trip to London, we spent a Saturday evening at Clos Maggiore, a true gem in London’s West End. Located near countless theaters and offering exceptional French cuisine, an extensive wine list and an enchanting setting, Clos Maggiore is an ideal choice for a pre- or post-theater dinner, romantic date night or other special occasion.

The restaurant has received recognition as one of the most romantic restaurants in the U.K. I can attest that the restaurant effortlessly exuded amour - without being corny or over the top - with intimate dining rooms, soft lighting, elegant furnishings and cozy fireplaces.

The accommodating staff appeared when needed but otherwise left diners undisturbed to appreciate their meals and companions. The chef’s passion for cooking was evident in the menu choices, taste and presentation. And the sommelier was equally passionate about Clos Maggiore’s wines, offering a wealth of knowledge and advice to help diners select beverages and savor the complex essence of each glass.

We chose to order the seasonal tasting menu with wine pairings for each of the five courses. Each dish was perfectly cooked and simply, but elegantly, presented. Every course featured several components to provide complex, unique flavors. The wine pairings were equally exciting as they perfectly complemented the cuisine. 

Our tasting menu began with a crab salad and grilled cauliflower. By browning the cauliflower, it took on a different, robust flavor – it was the best cauliflower I’ve ever eaten. Next was a melt-in-my-mouth, warm foie gras accented with roasted hazelnuts and a savory gingerbread. I’ve tried foie gras many times in France and elsewhere in Europe, but Clos Maggiore’s is still one of my favorites.

We also savored monkfish topped with a chorizo sauce, which infused the delicate fish with a bit of spice and slightly salty zing. Switching from seafood to fowl, plates of tender duck with port reduction arrived.

The molten chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream was a sinsational finale to our wonderful meal and magnificent start to a date night in London.

**Make reservations online at Ask for a space in the conservatory, if available; it's the most romantic and coveted room in the restaurant.