Disneyland Paris: Dine a la Ratatouille

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Disneyland Paris: Dine a la Ratatouille

by: Courtney Woodruff | Stripes Europe | January 30, 2017
Disneyland Paris: Bistrot Chez Remy Cuisine: French
Price: n/a
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Hours: Monday - Sunday: 12:00-18:00
La Place de Remy
77000 Marne-la-Vallee

My husband was in an apron when I met him. Most of the early days of our friendship were set in the kitchen of our college campus dining hall where we both worked part-time to help pay for school. We got to know each other while I rinsed and sliced vegetables for the salad bar, and he helped prepare the entrées du jour.

When Disney Pixar’s “Ratatouille” came out in theaters two years later, we were well into the romantic part of our relationship, but the scenes took us back to the early days of dating, and it quickly became one of “our” movies.

Needless to say, when we planned a family trip to Disneyland Paris earlier this year, having lunch at Rémy’s restaurant was on the menu!

Tucked into the far right corner of the Walt Disney Studios portion of the park, you’ll find dreamy cobblestone streets, a fountain ornately trimmed with champagne bottles and rats (yes, rats!), a flashing billboard of the late chef, Auguste Gusteau, and Bistrot Chez Rémy — the adorable French restaurant owned by the culinary rodent who stole our hearts in “Ratatouille.”

When you walk into the dining room, a little pinch of Mickey magic shrinks you down to the size of Rémy and friends — suddenly you see the world from a rat’s perspective!

From the oversized cutlery to the champagne cork stools to the enormous Christmas lights dangling from the ceiling, the colorful décor is captivating and peppered with delightful movie references. Leave your Anton Ego at home and soak up the restaurant’s whimsical atmosphere.

As for your meal, you can expect traditional Parisian cuisine infused with the essence of Disney. Rémy offers a selection of set menus catering to a wide range of budgets and appetites. Adult options start at 29.99 euros for an appetizer and main course and cap off at 59.99 euros for Gusteau’s grand feast, which includes succulent duck foie gras with champagne sauce and violet fig jam, your choice of entrée and a sweet finish. Little ones can choose from the Menu Petit Chef at 16.99 euros or the Menu Petit Chef Gourmet for 29.99 euros.

I recommend anything with a heaping side of comforting ratatouille. As for dessert, our boys enjoyed Rémy’s chocolaty hazelnut éclair, but I suggest the tiramisu — it’s the perfect size for sharing.

The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. Before you go, don’t forget to make a reservation, pick up your free Fast Pass Ratatouille: The Adventure 4D ride at the kiosk across the courtyard and bring a hearty appetite.

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