Delicious Dutch meatballs in Delft

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Delicious Dutch meatballs in Delft

by: Jerry Allison | Stripes Europe | February 02, 2017
BierfabriekCuisine: Pub
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 16:00-23:59
Thursday: 16:00-1:00
Friday - Saturday: 16:00-2:00
Sunday: 16:00-23:59
Burgwal 45-49
2611 Delft
Phone: +31 15 364 6154

When my husband and I first went to Bierfabriek in Delft, it was on a whim.

I had found the restaurant early in the afternoon, and we popped in that evening for beer and food. But what we would have as an appetizer would change my life forever.

What am I talking about?


Oh, the delicious fried meatball that the Dutch people call their own. This snack is a mixture of shredded beef, beef broth and roux. It is like a croquette, but to me it tastes like cream of mushroom soup … fried.

Now that may turn some of you off, but let me continue. Bierfabriek has the original bitterballen, and then dives off course. The restaurant offers Thai curry bitterballen — I’m dying for the recipe — goat cheese croquettes and Serrano ham croquettes, all of which are delicious.

Now this is what the Dutch call finger food; we haven’t even gotten to the main course. The meals I’ve eaten there are just as drool worthy.

Our first main was beef skewers presented on skewer holders with BBQ sauces. The meat was juicy and tender by itself, but dipped in the BBQ sauce, well, I think I saw bright lights that night. Not only that, but I wanted to guzzle the bottles of sauce because they were so tasty.

My husband and I both had steak during our second visit. They were peppered and grilled to medium-rare perfection and served with roasted vegetables and salads. There was so much on my plate I felt bad for not eating it all.

Both of these dishes were specials for the evening. The restaurant also has a nightly vegetarian special and the ever-present French farm chicken. Now the chicken looks delicious and is marinated for 24 hours in herbs and spices before being grilled. However, the serving size is a whole chicken, and I would need to share it with my husband, so fair warning if you order this specialty.

Now I’ve gone the whole article without talking about the beer. Don’t worry; I’m getting to that.

Bierfabriek brews three beers in house: pilsner, red ale and porter. Personally, I always go for the red, which is smooth and always on point. Occasionally, seasonal bears are available, but we have not been in town to taste them.

Bierfabriek has locations in Delft, Amsterdam and Almere. If you are just stopping in for a pint, you don’t need a reservation. If you want to sit down, I suggest making an online reservation. Euros, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Now go off and enjoy some bitterballen

Photos in story by Jerry Allison.