Big portions at Big Emma Ramstein

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Big portions at Big Emma Ramstein

by: Elizabeth Jones | Stripes Europe | February 13, 2017
Big Emma RamsteinCuisine: German
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Sunday: 11:00-23:30
Reichswaldstrasse 1c
66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
Phone: +49 6371 406770

Big Emma Ramstein, often called Big Emma's, is known for “big” portion sizes and delicous food. Quality is this restaurant’s priority, which is why the entire menu is freshly homemade. It is the perfect spot for a family or date night. There were people around us taking pictures with their large three-liter beers enjoying the fun and casual atmosphere.The staff is kind and welcoming. Our server gave us a remote to push a button in case we needed anything when he wasn’t around. I do recommend keeping this remote away from little ones. My five-year-old brother pressed the button a few times thinking it was a toy. Thankfully our server thought it was funny and didn’t mind.

The food did not disappoint either. English menus are available to make ordering simple. My dad ordered the 10-inch-wide Big Emma burger, which covered the entire dinner plate. Next time he may choose the half- or quarter-size burger so he doesn’t get full so quickly.

I ordered the whole portion of the chicken breast salad. The salad was far from boring with tasty chicken and colorful, fresh vegetables including corn, peppers, beets, carrots and crisp lettuce. It was bigger than expected, so I took half home to save for lunch the next day. My mom had the half-portion bratwurst, light yet satisfying. My little brothers ordered from the kid’s menu, which offers chicken nuggets, schnitzel and spaghetti. They chose the side order of fries over the salad, a better pairing for their chicken nuggets.

Big Emma also serves steaks sized at 35, 17 and 8 ounces. Schnitzel options include cream schnitzel, paprika schnitzel, turkey schnitzel, mushroom cream schnitzel and more. Both the steaks and schnitzels can be topped with savory pepper gravy, Béarnaise gravy, tomato, herb-butter or oven-baked cheese. Pasta and German homestyle foods are on the menu, such as dumplings with gravy, spaghetti with meat sauce, and Spätzle. Main dishes come with a side of french fries, roasted potatoes or Spätzle.

Everyone saved room for dessert, except Dad who was still stuffed from his burger. The choice was hard between apple strudel, chocolate cake and ice cream. The kids got to choose, so we ended up ordering the whole portion of ice cream, which is six scoops! Two scoops each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry were topped with crunchy waffle cookies. It was the perfect ending to a great dining experience. I highly recommend Big Emma if you’re looking for high-quality food, giant portions and a comfortable, inviting restaurant!