All about beef at Chacarero Steakhouse

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All about beef at Chacarero Steakhouse

by: Jerry Allison | Stripes Europe | February 13, 2017
Chacarero SteakhouseCuisine: International, Steakhouse
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 17:00-22:00
Friday - Saturday: 17:00-23:00
Sunday: 15:00-22:00
Weilerbacherstr. 63
67661 Kaiserslautern - Einsiedlerhof , RP
Phone: 0631 75 00 92 22

When I met fellow spouses for our monthly group dinner at a Chilean restaurant, I was expecting something similar to Argentinian food. However, I was proven wrong when I looked over the menu at Chacarero, which included mostly beef dishes with a sprinkling of vegetarian appetizers.

The restaurant held true to its name of being a steakhouse, but I had hoped for at least one or two courses with chicken. Then, I saw the chicken empanadas and desperately wanted to try them. However, the server told me they were not being offered that evening. Our choices were between two different beef empanadas, and I was bummed. My heart had been set on the chicken variety.

Despite this, we ordered two beef empanadas for the table. It was the first time I had ever had baked empanadas. The stuffing was beans, beef and hard-boiled eggs, not my preference in filling, but the table seemed to approve.

Also served as an appetizer was salsa Andrea. Do not be fooled; this is not salsa, but an olive oil dip for bread. It was delicious on the bread and on my meal. A word of warning: our waiter kept bringing more salsa, and we were charged for every helping. We were left scrambling to pay for it at the end of the night because we did not realize it was not complimentary.


I ordered the Churrasco el Plato with sweet potato fries. My order came out lukewarm and seemed to have been sitting while waiting for the other orders to finish. However, I seemed to be the only one with this issue. My platter came with tomatoes, mashed avocado, sliced meat and a side of fries. The meat was delicious when covered with the salsa, and the fries were crispy.

Most of the ladies ordered Churrasco sandwiches, and the Chilean spouse in our group explained that the dish should not be eaten with hands. Instead, diners should cut the sandwich in half, take off the bread on top, and eat with a fork. The sandwich was a favorite among the group, but many thought it was pricey.

Three of us ordered churros for dessert. I was expecting the cinnamon-sugar kind; however, these were fried dough covered in powder sugar. I was once again underwhelmed, my hopes dashed. The only good thing on my churro plate was the dulce de leche ice cream.


Would I go back to Chacarero? Maybe for another try with a smaller group, but it's not high on my list of restaurants to visit again. However, I polled my dining companions, and many would return.

Chacarero is a South American and Chilean restaurant near Mr. Lian's in Einsiedlerhof. According to the restaurant website, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


Photos in article by Jerry Allison.