Plan your trip for upcoming beer fests

Plan your trip for upcoming beer fests

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published: November 04, 2016

Oktoberfest is over, but Germany's celebration of beer continues into late November and early December. 

Hamburger Dom (Hamburg Winter Beer Festival) — Hamburg, Nov. 4-Dec. 4
Known as the largest public Volksfest in northern Germany, Hamburg’s Winter Beer Festival is a month-long blowout featuring vintage carousels, high-tech rides, weekly Friday night firework displays and multi-course meals. The Oriental Bazaar, complete with Middle Eastern delicacies, exotic belly dancers and even an oasis, helps this beer festival stand out from the rest. If your visit falls on a Wednesday, you can receive the special Family Day discount on carnival rides.

Craft Beer Fair — Mainz, Nov. 25-26
After a successful inaugural fest in 2015, this year's two-day event brings together beer connoisseurs, homebrewers and 40 craft brewereries from Germany and Belgium. That's right — even though the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) regulates the ingredients and brewing processes for German beers, you can still find some unique variations on the 500-year-old recipe at this event. 

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