Hit up K-town's street food fest

Hit up K-town's street food fest

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published: June 01, 2016

Attention all foodies! Head to Kaiserslautern this weekend, June 3-5, for a street food festival hosted at the FCK soccer stadium. 

Really, you don't want to miss it. I've been to two other food fests in the past few months, one in K-town, the other in Saarbrücken. Both featured food trucks and stands dishing out food from around the globe, but my favorites at each were brisket burgers. Based in Berlin, J. Kinski prepared the "Fat Frenchman," a beef brisket sandwich with arugula, bacon-onion jam, truffle mayonnaise and cheese. Back to Smoke's "Drunken Santa" sounded strange, but the combination of beef brisket with sour red cabbage, bold brie, sweet pear and spicy, crunchy Spekulatius (cinnamon shortbread cookies) was nothing short of legendary. 

The K-town event promises all manner of deliciousness from pierogi and dim sum to rump-steak burgers and "chicken bombs" ... I'm not sure what that is, but I can't wait to try it.

Here are some tips to ensure you leave a food fest fan:  

  • A lot of the vendors serve full-size portions, rather than samples. Come hungry with friends who don't mind sharing.
  • Split up — have each person stand in a different line and reconvene when you have your grub to share. 
  • Bring hand wipes because most of these foods are as messy as they are tasty.
  • Carry plenty of euros. You'll need to pay cash for purchases. 

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