FoodOgraphy: Prague and Germany

FoodOgraphy: Prague and Germany

by: Stripes Readers & Staff | .
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published: November 03, 2017

Our food-loving readers and staff have shared mouthwatering photos of their favorite culinary creations and some of their best meals around Europe. Add these must-eat places and dishes to your next menu!

For a fresh fall treat, try this mojito salad, a combination of red cabbage, carrots, red onion and mint with a homemade lime dressing. Find the recipe at — By Will H.

A favorite meal at our house is spicy Korean tacos, a combination of bulgolgi with a kimchi and Asian pear slaw, sriracha sour cream and cilantro. — By Stacy Roman

Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague is famous for Trdelník, or chimney cake. Baked dough is doused in cinnamon sugar and topped with vanilla ice cream. — By Elizabeth Jones 

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