FoodOgraphy: Germany and more

FoodOgraphy: Germany and more

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published: January 19, 2018

Our food-loving readers and staff have shared mouthwatering photos of their best meals in Europe. Add these spots to your travel itineraries for delicious dishes.

Homemade lemonade at Café Borges in Ankara, Turkey. — By Michael Rue


The classic Windbeutel is a puff pastry swan filled with fresh whipped cream and cherry compote. This and other exquisite desserts (as well as breakfasts, lunches and early dinners) may be enjoyed at Café Krönner in the resort town of Garmisch, Germany. — By Claire AlJunaibi


Café Niederegger, located in Lübeck, Germany, makes a signature marzipan and nut cake (hazelnut cream wrapped in marzipan). — By Jane Darigo


In Ankara Turkey, Café Borges serves Gözleme, or Turkish stuffed flatbread. — By Michael Rue


La Coupole’s Normandy Beach oysters on the half shell pair nicely with Moët & Chandon Champagne. La Coupole is a historic brasserie located in Paris, France’s 6th Arrondissement. — By Kathryn Peterson


Grilled eggplant slices are filled with a seasoned feta cheese mixture and served hot at Restaurant Guli in Belgrade, Serbia. — By Patricia Lyons


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