Enjoy some eis this summer

Enjoy some eis this summer

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published: July 08, 2018

In America, July is national ice cream month, but the Europeans are serious about Eis all the time. Ice cream parlors become crowded hangouts as soon as the first spring blossoms emerge, and restaurants provide entire ice cream menus year round. For the best sundaes, cups and cones, check out these cafés.


Enzo Pizzeria & Eiscafé: Enzo’s creates homemade pizzas and ice cream for dine in or take out. Flavors include Eierlikör (similar to spiked eggnog), mocha, blueberry and pineapple.

Loisl’s Frozen Yogurt, Ansbach: Choose a fresh fruit topping for your house-made frozen yogurt. Loisl constantly experiments, so keep a lookout for unusual combos, like chili pepper/mango.

Mamma Mia, Ansbach: Enjoy an authentic Italian meal, but don’t spoil your appetite. Ice cream is mixed with coffee, liqueur, fruit or wine — try gelato with Prosecco or Marsala wine poured over vanilla ice cream.


Eiscafé Dolomiten, Kaiserslautern: Dolomiten is one of our reader's favorites. Have dinner at Spinnrädl or Brauhaus am Markt and walk over for a sweet finale.

Eiscafé Dolomiti, Landstuhl: Voted the best place for ice cream by local readers in the 2017 Stripes Best of Germany awards.This shop has Italian coffees, crepes and dozens of ice cream specialties. Dolomiti’s ice cream is best when slowly savored at a shaded patio table.

Rhein Main

Ciao Ciao Gelateria, Wiesbaden: This gelateria on Neugasse satisfies cravings. Don’t let the name dissuade you; the popular spaghetti Eis is a tasty mixture of vanilla ice cream, which looks like noodles, and a bright berry sauce.

Eiscafé am Rhein, Wiesbaden: The Covre family owns a prime location along the Rhein River. Your taste buds can experience exciting flavors, such as Mon Cheri (just like the alcoholic chocolate-covered cherries) and cocktail-inspired fusions.

Eiscafé Rialto, Wiesbaden: In 1970, Alberto Pin opened a shop in downtown Wiesbaden. Using Italian techniques and recipes, Pin continues to serve all-natural Eis on Marktstrasse.


Stuttgart Eiscafé Adria, Calw: On your next trip west of the city, stop for lunch and, of course, ice cream. This trendy café has a variety of sandwiches, waffles, coffees, and page after page of ice cream. Fancy some alcohol with your Eis? Booze-infused sundaes include the Caribbean, Black Forest and walnut.

Old Bridge Gelateria, Stuttgart: The first German location opened on Bolzstrasse in 2009 as an extension of the Old Bridge parlor in Rome. Employing the secrets of the Roman gelateria, the Stuttgart business recently earned the title as one of the 10 best ice cream spots in Germany by Travelbook.de. And since 2014, a second location has opened on Eberhardstrasse.

What's the scoop

Frozen custard: Super rich; contains egg yolks, milk and cream.

Frozen yogurt: Yogurt, flavorings and thickening agents.

Ice Cream: Contains milk, cream and lots of air. May contain eggs.

Gelato: May contain eggs; has more milk and less cream and air than ice cream.

Sherbet: Between ice cream and sorbet; contains dairy and possibly eggs.

Sorbet: Dairy free; fruit and sugar churned to create texture.

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