Deutches Weinlesefest: The highlight of the Pfalz wine fest season

Deutches Weinlesefest: The highlight of the Pfalz wine fest season

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published: September 30, 2016

As September draws to a close in Germany, work in the vineyards dwindles down, as well. At the end of harvest season every year, vintners and villagers come together to celebrate with a hearty feast as they reflect on the year’s hard work, and look forward to tasting the new wine fermenting in the cellars.

Neustadt’s Deutsches Weinlesefest, also known as the German Grape Harvest Festival or Weinstraße Thanksgiving, is the highlight of the wine festival season in the Rheinland-Pfalz.  A parade crowds the streets, fireworks brighten the night sky and Dubbegläsern — the traditional pint (or half-liter) glasses for serving wine and wine spritzers (Weinschorle) in the Rheinland-Pfalz region — are filled to the rim with sweet Rieslings and complex Pinot Noirs.

The wine village, or “Haiselscher” is now open, and the fairgrounds welcome visitors Sept. 30 through Oct. 30. Enjoy wine tastings, good food and carnival rides, and be there to witness the coronation of the 78th Palatine Wine Queen (Weinkönigin).

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