Countdown to Spring: 3 recipes using spring ingredients

Countdown to Spring: 3 recipes using spring ingredients

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published: March 18, 2018

In Germany, spring recipes are all about the Spargel (white asparagus). As a huge fan of green asparagus, I couldn’t wait to experience my first taste of its white counterpart.

Finding vegetables that my family will eat is a challenge. I had high hopes that the kiddos – including my 46-year-old (a.k.a my husband) – would actually eat this veggie since it isn’t green, which usually causes them to turn up their noses.

With two little ones and very busy schedules, cooking must be quick and easy. Here are three fairly easy recipes you may want to try.

Hollandaise Sauce for White Asparagus - Hollandaise was one of those challenging recipes for me … Until now! My kiddos ended up eating more of the sauce than the asparagus. That is only because it was so delicious!

Pasta with Asparagus and Ham – There are no words to describe this delicious goodness. You just have to experience it in all its splendor.

Oma’s Asparagus Salad – Thank you Oma (Grandma)! I’m not sure whose Oma it is, but it won’t matter after you taste it. This dish is perfect on its own as a meal or a side dish.

Before you get started on any white asparagus dish, know that it’s not handled and prepared the same as green. Be sure to keep it loosely-wrapped in a damp towel in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. It should be prepared within one to two days from purchase. Because the outside of the stalks are fibrous, it must be peeled – from the tip toward the base (cut end) of the stem. A sharp vegetable peeler works wonderfully. Cut the ends again, and peel away any additional fibers you may have missed.

There are many spargel festivals held in Germany. You can find additional ideas and delectable ways to enjoy this springtime delicacy. 

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