Chill out at the ICEBAR London

Chill out at the ICEBAR London

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published: March 01, 2018

Known for pubs lined with dark, aged wood and vintage taps, London has no shortage of great bars and pubs. Looking for something slightly more edgy and unique? A few streets from bustling Piccadilly Circus in the trendy Mayfair neighborhood is a bar that will definitely cool you down this summer — ICEBAR London.

Using arctic river ice from northern Sweden, ICEBAR employs several master ice sculptors who create new icy masterpieces each year. With this year’s theme “Wild in the City,” visitors can dine and drink among frosted likenesses of alligators, penguins, tigers and other exotic creatures. The bar offers reservations in 40-minute increments. The cover charge includes drink, specialized thermal cape and gloves to help keep you nice and warm. Make it a night out and upgrade with a three-course dinner, or splurge for the champagne session on the weekends. Reservations aren’t mandatory, but are highly recommended as the bar fills quickly.

Ice sculpting, anyone?

For anyone who’s ever been interested in ice sculpting or carving, take advantage of limited classes offered by the master sculptors! This summer, the ice gurus behind the incredible designs at ICEBAR London are offering the chance to learn how to ice sculpt. Over the course of 2.5 hours, you’ll be given instruction and tools to create your very own “Thinker” from crystal clear ice.

Classes start at 120 pounds for a single ticket, or 150 pounds for a two-person ticket. Price includes materials and ICEBAR experience after the session is over. Dates for the classes are July 5 and 19, and Aug. 2 and 16. To book your spot at the bar, or to sign up for a class, visit

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