Celebrate Belgian brews at the Bruges Beer Festival

Celebrate Belgian brews at the Bruges Beer Festival

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published: January 20, 2018

Dating back to the 12th century, Belgian beers have left their culinary mark. Initially brewed with a low-alcohol content, beer was once used as a safer alternative to the country’s available drinking water supply. These days, monks in nearby abbeys, as well as large-scale breweries, have created an amazing array of hoppy deliciousness known around the world.

Have a taste for yourself in the stunning medieval city of Bruges! Celebrating 11 years, the Bruges Beer Festival takes place Feb. 3-4 in the city center marketplace. More than 90 brewers will be on hand with more than 450 varieties to choose from. There are two different tasting packages available: a commemorative tasting glass and five tasting tokens (one token equals one taste) for 15 euros; or for 30 euros, you will receive the glass, a comprehensive beer guide and 11 tasting tokens. Single tokens may be purchased for 1.80 euros.

Once you’ve had your fill of hoppy Belgian goodness, help determine the best brews of the festival by submitting your favorite top three tastes. You can also give back to the local community. For each returned glass, the Bruges Autonomous Beertasters (BAB) will donate 3 euros to regional charities.

For more information, visit http://www.brugsbierfestival.be/en/home-230.html 

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