Butter up for Pancake Day

Butter up for Pancake Day

by: Stacy Roman | .
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published: February 09, 2018

Carnival season has been in full swing these past few weeks. Full of bright colors, ornate costumes, excess, and maybe even a little debauchery, the festivities will soon reach their peak this upcoming Monday and Tuesday. While many countries celebrate with elaborately decorated floats and parties, the United Kingdom is gearing up for one of their tastiest days of the year — Pancake Day.

The earliest origins of Pancake Day date back to the 1400s. Because rich and fatty foods were considered excess, people would need to use up ingredients such as milk, eggs, salt and sugar before the beginning of Lent. During the 17th century, pancakes were representative of the four pillars in the Christian faith — eggs represented creation, flour and milk symbolized sustenance and purity, and salt was wholesomeness. Thus, pancakes became the signature dish on Shrove Tuesday.

Nowadays, the U.K. celebrates Pancake Day with the gusto and panache that only the British can. Pancake races are held throughout the country, with participants running with a pancake in a frying pan, attempting to flip said pancake without dropping the pan. The most famous is held in Buckinghamshire, and includes runners dressed in aprons and head scarves or hats. More of an eater, not a runner? Plenty of Pancake Day specials pop up on menus across the isle. Served savory or sweet, you’ll be sure to get your fill on this delicious holiday.

Pancake Day takes place Tuesday, Feb. 13. Try a stack at The Diner in Soho (London) or Herbie’s American Diner in Cambridge.

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