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Food & Drink

Bear's leek offers a taste of spring

Food & Drink
April 11, 2018
One of the first of the seasonal herbs to make its way to German tables by way of farmer’s markets, supermarket shelves or trips to the forest with scissors in hand is Bärlauch, a...

Find free wine fountains in these countries

Food & Drink
April 09, 2018
If you’ve ever tossed a coin into a fountain with the wish that the reservoir of bubbling water would turn into a vat of free-flowing wine … your desire has become reality.
Photo by: Elle Hughes | Unsplash

Head out to Germany's Trullo in Flames next weekend

Community News
April 10, 2018
Italy’s remote southern Apulia region, in the heel of the country’s boot shape, is best known by tourists for its cave dwellings and the many cone-shaped, whitewashed huts that...
Photo by: Radovan | Unsplash

A cozy Czech pub to try in Prague

Food & Drink
April 15, 2018
Prague is full of fantastic architecture, history and, of course, fabulous food and drink. The weekend my family visited, the weather wasn’t as cooperative as we had hoped.
© Songquan Deng |

Italians redefine city tours

Food & Drink
April 16, 2018
My husband and I enjoy the “Amazing Race”. We’ve been watching it for years. Had I known we would find ourselves living in Germany one day, I definitely would’ve taken better...

Making German beer

Food & Drink
April 19, 2018
German beer has a heady reputation for high quality and standards. The myths and legends surrounding German beer live up to the hype.
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