Fun ways to prevent learning loss this summer

by Addison O'Shea
Stripes Europe

Learning loss is the summertime fear of every teacher. While your little ones have spent the summer months playing outside or at the local pool, chances are some learning loss has occurred. In fact, most teachers spend the first several weeks attempting to catch their students back up to where they were academically before they left for the break.

Not to fear, there are ways to combat this learning loss and some of the tips are…dare I say it? Fun!

1. Take a field trip.

Museums, aquariums, historical sites, oh my! Take some time to explore outside your home. Start a conversation about your field trip; ask your children what’s one thing they learned that surprised them.

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2. Bake a cake.

Measuring cups, ingredients, some hidden baked in math practice and they get to lick the bowl? Yes, please!

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3. Play school!

Let your child pretend to be the teacher. Have them teach you something you know they learned in the past school year.


4. S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E.

Play games that require your child to spell. If you’re really up for a challenge, introduce one new vocabulary word a day!

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5. Write a pen pal.

Does your child have a friend who they’re missing this summer? A cousin who lives far away? Connect with that child’s parent and see if they would be interested in participating as pen pals.


Who says summer can’t be fun and enriching? Prevent learning loss with these fun activities that’ll keep your kiddos learning all summer long.

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