10 fast facts about DODEA kindergarten

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10 fast facts about DODEA kindergarten

by: Ruth Ploeger, Army Region School Liaison Officer/Transition Support Specialist | .
Family and MWR CYS Services | .
published: August 15, 2018

Have a little one going into kindergarten next year? Check out these 10 fast facts about DODEA's program:

1. Kindergarten is a full day program.

2. Kindergarten enrollment is not required. It is a parent decision.

3. No single factor determines kindergarten readiness.

4. Naps are not part of kindergarten.

5. Cutoff age for kindergarten enrollment is five years of age by September 1st. The only exception made is if a child has already started kindergarten in a state that has a later cut off date. No “evaluations for exceptions” are made. Contact the SLO or school registrar for details.

6. Cutoff age for first grade is six years of age by September 1st. From 2nd grade on the requirement is “successful completion of previous grade.”

7. Kindergarteners start school about a week later than other grades to allow their teachers time to conduct home visits with students. Expect to be contacted for a home visit appointment.

8. Kindergarten students must be escorted to and from school or a bus stop.

9. The DODEA Parent’s Guide to Success and the College and Career Ready videos are great resources for parents. Check them out!

10. Students do better in school when their parents are involved.

For more to help your student PCS, visit Europe Family and MWR's website for the Inbound and Outbound student handbooks. 

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