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Carnival. Its name varies by German region, but everywhere the “fifth season” is an opportunity to join throngs of people, flaunt a crazy costume and have one more fabulous party before abstaining for Lent.
There are several new pieces of legislation that may affect military families’ 2018 tax returns.
With smoke and gun powder hanging in the air, our founding fathers designed an avant-garde, three-branch government system to be lead by an elected citizen in the wake of the Revolutionary War.
Storico Carnevale di Ivrea
March 2-5, Italy 
With chocolates and pre-packaged cartoon cards filling the shelves of local exchanges and commissaries, it’s hard to miss the signs that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here are 10 fun facts about this Hallmark holiday of love.
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Now through Feb. 12, community members have an opportunity to bring important issues to the attention of garrison leadership via a community-wide survey. 
In February, (though this year is Feb. 28 – March 5), Germans gather in their town centers and the beer flows freely for a holiday which many Americans may find peculiar.
U.S. European Command (EUCOM) has nearly 100,000 people living and working in Europe, and the current security environment is rapidly changing. New threats are emerging on a daily basis, and here’s what you need to know about traveling safely.
You’ll barely have time to unpack from your visit to the D-Day 75th-anniversary commemorations before yet another momentous one-off event with a direct U.S.
Whether you love or despise the chilly weather, winter has finally arrived! With all the rain that has been dousing the region, it’s sometimes easy to forget that it is indeed January in Germany. That being said, preparation for the cold days and nights ahead can make a big difference.
Ladies, looking for a night out without men tagging along? If you’re in Wiesbaden, you’re in luck. And with a little more luck, you just might end the evening with more money in your pocket than when you started (implausible for sure, but it could happen…)
Traveling through Deutschland on a wing and a prayer is fine and fun, but if your plans call for running a marathon, just showing up in a far-flung city and hoping to register on race day itself won’t always cut it.
Love a visit to the spa, but not so enamored of the German protocol that dictates a sauna can only be visited when butt-naked and in mixed-sex company?