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RAMSTEIN AIR BASE – The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is helping Airmen and families stay ready and resilient with the opening of a new healthy restaurant at Ramstein Air Base.
Where’s the sun? Well, you don’t have to wonder that much longer. Germany can have some harsh winters and sometimes it may seem as if the spring weather we really deserve will come and actually stay.
Veterinary Medical Center Europe, located on Pulaski Barracks, has expanded their services and is offering appointments on the first Saturday of each month for routine wellness, vaccination, and health certificate exams for DoD ID card holders, and their beneficiaries, in the Kaiserslautern Milit
In a galaxy not so far away, a testament to the international fame “Star Wars” has acquired stands tall. The observatory in Zweibrücken is now painted blue and white to resemble the famous robot R2D2.
For many, Easter is a sacred holiday for commemorating Christ’s resurrection. It’s also viewed as a chance to welcome spring. In Germany, that is no different than in the United States. However, our host nation offers its own customs and traditions. Here are some you may experience.
This summer, in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, June 6th 1944, The Patton Alliance, Patton Legacy Sports and the town of Carentan are organizing a game of flag football featuring the “Screaming Eagles” of the 101st Airborne versus The "All American Division” of the 82nd Airborne....
The secret is out! Well, not so much; it’s been widely noted that olives are considered a fruit. If you didn't know, you know now. In fact, the small grape shaped ovals that are delicious whether they're green or black, are actually healthy for you.      
Joan of Arc Festival
Through May 8 in Orleans, France
A festival dating back over 600 years celebrates the liberation of the city by Joan of Arc during the “Hundred Years War” with great pomp.
Germany is the land of festivals, celebrating everything from beer to Christmas. Rejoice in the melting of snow and coming of flowers and new leaves at the Nuremberg Spring Festival.
No two eggs are identical, and the same can be said about Easter traditions and markets across Europe. The spring holiday is greeted with excitement each year, as bright and cheerful colors help chase away the gray of winter.
Tattoo Show Stuttgart
April 5-7, Stuttgart 
Thinking of getting inked? Head to the Kulturhaus Arena Stuttgart-Wangen, where tattoo artists, bands and grown-up style entertainment await. 
You may notice that cops and their mobile speed cameras aren’t as prevalent during certain times of the year. Well, it’s that time again. The ‘blitzmarathon’ is back to catch speeders.
The fastest growing sport in American is Cornhole, where you throw a 1lb corn seed filled sack toward a 4’x1’ platform with a 6” hole from 30’ away. Anyone age 9-75 can do it (my daughter plays (9) and my German neighbor Inge plays (75). It’s an opportunity to mostly stand, sometimes throw next to...
Easter markets in Germany are filled with explosions of colors along with decorated stalls, mouthwatering food, precious crafts and of course, ornate Easter eggs. Get out of hibernation and welcome the anticipated spring season by heading to these five Easter markets!