What's Up: Weekend events May 27-30

What's Up: Weekend events May 27-30

by: Courtney Woodruff & Stacy Roman | .
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published: May 23, 2016

Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got your weekend events throughout Europe lined up for you! Here’s what’s up this weekend:


What: 30th Weindorf Wine Festival
When: May 25-June 5
Where: Würzburg

What: Rockavaria 2016
When: May 27-29
Where: Munich

Kaiserslautern & the Pfalz

What: Viking Heroes Challenge
When: May 28-29
Where: St. Wendel

Get ready to get dirty! Choose between a 5, 10, 15, or 20-kilometer distance and tackle climbing walls, rope bridges, mud pits, and more. This obstacle race is open to individuals, teams and families. Feeling extra-adventurous? Try running it at night with just a headlamp to guide you!

What: HER & Kings County with The Voodoo Fix
When: May 28
Where: Zweibrücken


What: Kranzplatzfest
When: May 25-30
Where: Wiesbaden

What: The Night of Temptation
When: May 26-28
Where: Bingen

What: 18th Schlossgrabenfest – Music Festival around the Castle
When: May 26-29
Where: Darmstadt

What: International Classic Car Rally
When: May 26-29
Where: Wiesbaden

What: Bad Homburg Wine Festival
When: May 27-29
Where: Bad Homburg

What: Wiesbaden Photomarathon
When: May 28
Where: Wiesbaden

This is not your ordinary marathon. In this version, participants will have six hours to capture 10 different subjects relating to a specific theme. The idea is to create an original story, with an independent jury choosing the winner. Checkpoints will be set up across the city and will hand out the topics when participants check-in. Unlike a running marathon, it is highly encouraged to use buses, trains, cycles, etc., to head to the next checkpoint.


What: Stadtteilfest
When: May 26-30
Where: Stuttgart

What: Africa Festival
When: May 26-29
Where: Würtzburg

Around Germany

What: Holsten Brewery Festival
When: May 27-29
Where: Hamburg

What: Potato Festival
When: May 28-29
Where: Lauffen am Neckar



What: Vienna Independent Shorts
When: May 25-June 1
Where: Vienna


What: 20km of Brussels
When: May 31
Where: Brussels

Czech Republic

What: Prague Food Festival
When: May 27-29
Where: Prague

Gastronomy aficionados from some of the world’s best restaurants will be coming together to glorify all things delicious in celebration of the Prague Food Festival’s 10th year anniversary. This year’s theme will pay homage to the 14th century Czech king and Roman emperor, Charles IV. Tickets are available at www.praguefoodfestival.cz.

What: Prague Fringe Festival
When: May 27-June 4
Where: Prague


What: Chelsea Flower Show
When: May 24-28
Where: London

What: Bath Fringe Festival
When: May 27-June 12
Where: Bath

What: Sound City 2016
When: May 28-29
Where: Liverpool

What: Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival
When: May 28-29
Where: Brighton

What: Mutiny Festival
When: May 28-29
Where: Portsmouth

What: Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling
When: May 30
Where: Gloucestershire

This unofficial and reckless race is held every year on the Spring Bank Holiday. Between 20 and 40 participants chase an eight-pound wheel of Double Gloucestershire cheese down an impossibly steep hill. There is more tumbling and falling than actual running. The winner wins a wheel of cheese and bragging rights for the year.


What: Monaco Grand Prix
When: May 26-29
Where: Monaco

What: Joan of Arc Festival
When: May 28-29
Where: Rouen


What: UEFA Champions Festival 2016
When: May 26-29
Where: Milan

What: Il Palio di Ferrara
When: May 27-29
Where: Ferrara

What: Chianti Wine Festival
When: May 28 – June 4
Where: Montespertoli


What: Charlie Puth
When: May 26
Where: Luxembourg City

What: ING Night Marathon
When: May 28
Where: Luxembourg City


What: Krakow Film Festival
When: May 29-June 5
Where: Krakow

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