What's Up: Weekend events May 13-15

What's Up: Weekend events May 13-15

by: Courtney Woodruff & Stacy Roman | .
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published: May 12, 2016

Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got your weekend events throughout Europe lined up for you! Here’s what’s up this weekend:

What: Meistertrunk Show
When: May 13-16
Where: Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Known as one of the most popular events in Germany, history comes alive for one weekend every May in the charming walled city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Colorful costumes, authentic weapons, and folk actors dazzle visitors with a re-enactment of the 30-year war that nearly destroyed the city.

Kaiserslautern & the Pfalz
What: The Harlem Globetrotters
When: May 12
Where: Trier

What: Medieval Market at Ohmbach Lake
When: May 14-16
Where: Schonenbrg

What: French Night
When: May 14
Where: Trippstadt
Listen to the sweet melodies of French music as you stroll the grounds at the baroque castle in Trippstadt. Enjoy a taste of French cuisine, exquisite wines and traditions at this evening festival.

What: Skate & Music
When: May 15
Where: Enkenbach-Alsenborn

What: Festival at Eulenkopf Tower
When: May 15-16
Where: Eulenbis

What: Open Ohr Festival
When: May 13-16
Where: Mainz

What: Münzenberg Medieval Festival
When: May 14-16
Where: Münzenberg

What: Wäldchestag
When: May 14-17
Where: Frankfurt

Around Germany

What: Basketball Euroleague Final Four 2016
When: May 12-15
Where: Berlin

What: Carnival of Cultures
When: May 13-16
Where: Berlin
Come celebrate the amazing and diverse cultures that abound in Germany! More than 300 market stalls will be open, showcasing the food and wares of different cultures around the world.

Other European Locations

What: Whitsun Festival
When: May 13-16
Where: Salzburg

What: Belgian Pride (LGBT Pride Parade)
When: May 14
Where: Brussels

Czech Republic
What: Prague Beer Festival
When: May 12-28
Where: Prague

What: Copenhagen Carnival 2016
When: May 14-15
Where: Copenhagen

What: Brighton Festival
When: May 7-29
Where: Brighton

What: Keswick Jazz Festival
When: May 12-15
Where: Keswik

What: Cannes Film Festival
When: May 11-22
Where: Cannes

What: Festa del Limone
When: May 14
Where: Monterosso al Mare

What: Vogalonga Regatta
When: May 14
Where: Venice

What: Gubbio Candle Race
When: May 15
Where: Gubbio

What: Kraków Marathon
When: May 15
Where: Kraków

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