What's Up: Weekend events June 3-5

What's Up: Weekend events June 3-5

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published: June 02, 2016

Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got your weekend events throughout Europe lined up for you! Here’s what’s up this weekend:


What: Rock-im-Park ft. Red Hot Chili Peppers
When: June 3-5
Where: Nuremburg

What: Mozartfest
When: June 3-July 3
Where: Würzberg

Kaiserslautern & the Pfalz

What: Wine Festival
When: June 3-4
Where: Ramstein-Miesenbach

What: Rock-am-Ring ft. Red Hot Chili Peppers
When: June 3-5
Where: Mendig

What: Altstadtfest
When: June 3-5
Where: Freinsheim

Spend the day shopping for things that sparkle, shine and add a little color to your life at Freinsheim’s old town festival! Vendors offer jewelry, fashion accessories, handmade souvenirs, art, flowers and more from charming stands set up in the historic city center. Celebrate your finds with a glass of wine paired with tasty treats from local restauranteurs.

What: Rheinland-Pfalz State Fair
When: June 3-5
Where: Alzey

What: Kerb Ludwigshafen
When: June 3-5
Where: Ludwigshafen

What: Kids’ Festival
When: June 4
Where: Kaiserslautern

What: Vineyard Hike (Weinbergswanderung) Höllenpfad
When: June 4-5
Where: Grünstadt

What: Walk ‘n’ Wine
When: June 5
Where: Neustadt


What: BigCityBeats World Club Dome
When: June 3-5
Where: Frankfurt am Main

What: Strawberry Festival
When: June 4
Where: Mainz

What: Rose Days
When: June 4-5
Where: Eltville

What: Rieslingman Triathlon
When: June 5
Where: Rüdesheim


What: Holi Festival of Colours
When: June 4
Where: Stuttgart/Böblingen

Disappear into a bright, multicolored cloud of powered dye as you lose yourself in the music and vibrant atmosphere of Stuttgart’s Holi Festival of Colours! The fist concert of its kind in Germany, this festival has made its way around the world since 2012, attracting more than 280,000 visitors.

What: Mercedes Cup
When: June 4-12
Where: Stuttgart

What: Elton John
When: June 5
Where: Rastatt

Around Germany

What: International Design Festival
When: June 2-5
Where: Berlin

What: ILA Berlin Air Show
When: June 3-4
Where: Berlin

What: Open Air Gallery
When: June 3-5
Where: Berlin

Other European Locations


What: Glockner König
When: June 5
Where: Bruck

What: Gaitaler Speckfest
When: June 3-6
Where: Hermagor

Czech Republic

What: Špilberk Food Festival
When: June 3-5
Where: Špilberk

What: 700 Years of Charles IV Procession
When: June 4-5
Where: Prague


What: Keswick Beer Festival
When: June 3-4
Where: Keswick

Sip on a pint (or two or three) of Keswick’s brews at the beer festival’s 20th anniversary celebration! Go ahead and feel good about yourself while you’re at it; funds raised by this event support the local rugby club.

What: Chestertons Polo in the Park
When: June 3-5
Where: London

What: Forest of Imagination
When: June 3-6
Where: Bath


What: Carnaval de Tropical Paris
When: June 4-5
Where: Paris

What: Joan of Arc Festival
When: June 4-5
Where: Reims


What: Cork Harbour Festival
When: June 4-12
Where: Cork


What: Vini nel Mondo – Spoleto
When: June 2-5
Where: Spoleto

What: Giostra Dell’Archidado
When: June 5
Where: Cortona


What: SKODA Tour de Luxembourg
When: June 1-5
Where: Luxembourg-Ville

The Netherlands

What: Taste of Amsterdam
When: June 2-5
Where: Amsterdam


What: Orange Warsaw Fest 2016 ft. Skrillex & Lana Del Rey
When: June 3-4
Where: Warsaw


What: SATA Rallye Azores
When: June 2-4
Where: Azores

What: Serralves em Festa
When: 4-5
Where: Porto


What: Primavera Sound ft. Radiohead
When: June 2-4
Where: Barcelona


What: Zurich Festival
When: June 3-26
Where: Zurich

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