What's Up: Weekend events July 8-10

What's Up: Weekend events July 8-10

by: Courtney Woodruff & Stacy Roman | .
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published: July 06, 2016

Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got your weekend events throughout Europe lined up for you! Here’s what’s up this weekend:


What: Coburg Samba Festival
When: July 8-10
Where: Coburg

What: Weisse Nacht
When: July 9-10
Where: Garmsich

Kaiserslautern & the Pfalz

What: Jazz im Brunnenhof
When: July 7
Where: Trier

What: Brezelfest
When: July 7-12
Where: Speyer

In Germany, even the pretzel (Brezel) has its own special day! Celebrate the twisted treat with a day of beer tasting and parade watching in the streets of Speyer. Be sure to keep one hand free so you can catch the flying pretzels that are tossed down from the elaborately decorated floats!

What: French Garden Party
When: July 8
Where: Kaiserslautern

What: Paella Evening
When: July 8
Where: Saarbrücken

What: Late-Night Shopping
When: July 8
Where: Alzey

What: “Rock the Block” Party
When: July 9
Where: USAG Baumholder

What: Totally Awesome 80s Party
When: July 9
Where: Armstrong’s Club, Vogelweh

What: Adventure Day at the Zoo
When: July 10
Where: Kaiserslautern

What: Kinderfestival
When: July 10
Where: Mainz


What: Yamato – Drummers of Japan
When: July 8-10
Where: Frankfurt

What: Jazz Festival
When: July 8-10
Where: Idstein

What: Palmengarten Family Festival
When: July 10
Where: Frankfurt

What: Schierstein Harbor Fest
When: July 12-14
Where: Wiesbaden


What: Hamburg Fish Market in Stuttgart
When: July 7-17
Where: Stuttgart

What: Jazz Open
When: July 8-17
Where: Stuttgart

What: Heidelberg Castle Illumination
When: July 9
Where: Heidelberg

Put this on your list of things to do this summer if you’re missing traditional Fourth of July festivities! Watch from a boat or a prime spot on the banks of the Neckar as Heidelberg Castle is illuminated in dramatic red light. Then, an explosion of colorful fireworks brightens the night sky, reflecting on the river for a stunning effect.

What: Volkswagen Lichterfest
When: July 9
Where: Stuttgart

Around Germany

What: Staatsoper für Alle
When: July 9
Where: Berlin

Other European Locations


What: Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon
When: July 6-11
Where: Montafon

What: Schrammel.Klang.Festival
When: July 7-11
Where: Litschau-Waldviertel

What: Poolbar Festival 2016
When: July 8-August 21
Where: Feldkirch


What: Cactus Festival
When: July 8-10
Where: Bruges

What: Les Ardentes
When: July 9-10
Where: Liege


What: Electric Elephant
When: July 7-11
Where: Tisno

Set against the relaxing and stunning backdrop of the Adriatic coastline, Electric Elephant celebrates the pulsating beats of electronic, rave and house music. Soak up the sun and enjoy the music and party atmosphere!

What: Pula Film Festival
When: July 9-16
Where: Pula

What: Dubrovnik Summer Festival
When: July 10-August 25
Where: Dubrovnik

Czech Republic

What: 700 Years of Charles IV
When: July 9-10
Where: Prague

What: Blueberry Fest Borovany
When: July 9-10
Where: Borovany

What: Lipno Sport Festival
When: July 10-16
Where: Lipensko


What: Hampton Court Flower Show
When: July 5-10
Where: London

What: Noisily Festival of Music & Arts
When: July 7-10
Where: Harborough

What: 2000 Trees
When: July 7-10
Where: Withington

What: Wireless Festival
When: July 8-10
Where: London

What: Early Music Festival
When: July 8-16
Where: York

What: The Royal International Air Tattoo
When: July 8-10
Where: RAF Fairford

One of the world’s largest military air shows takes place at RAF Fairford this weekend. Different aircraft from all parts of the globe will be on display and perform demonstrations. In addition to the high-flying acrobatics, there is plenty of entertainment, food and music on the ground.

What: BFG Dream Jar Trail
When: July 9-August 31
Where: London


What: Colmar International Festival
When: July 5-14
Where: Colmar


What: Swell Festival 2016
When: July 8-10
Where: Donegal

What: City Spectacular Dublin
When: July 8-10
Where: Dublin

What: Ireland Folkfest
When: July 8-10
Where: Killarney


What: Umbria Jazz Festival
When: July 8-17
Where: Perugia

What: Florence Dance Festival
When: July 9-30
Where: Florence


What: Rock-A-Field
When: July 9-10
Where: Roeser


What: 2016 European Athletics Championships
When: July 6-10
Where: Amsterdam

What: North Sea Jazz Festival
When: July 8-10
Where: The Hague


What: Running of the Bulls (Fiesta de San Fermin)
When: July 6-14
Where: Pamplona

One of Spain’s timeless traditions, the annual Fiesta de San Fermin or Running of the Bulls takes place in Pamplona. The first run begins at 8 a.m. on July 7, lasting an average of three to four minutes – or up to 10 if there is a wayward bull. There will a run each morning of the festival. This event is not for the faint at heart or in poor physical shape. You’ll need nerves of steel and lightning quick reflexes to make it through the 875-meter run.


What: Lausanne City Festival
When: July 5-10
Where: Lausanne

What: Estival Jazz
When: July 7-9
Where: Lugano

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