What you need to know to stay safe at Oktoberfest


What you need to know to stay safe at Oktoberfest

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published: September 15, 2016

Enjoy yourself at Oktoberfest, but be vigilance and maintain situational awareness at all times. 

Oktoberfest safety tips 

  • Use the internet and mapping functions to research destinations and the security environment. 
  • I.D. potential safe havens such as police stations. 
  • Know law enforcement and embassy phone numbers. 
  • Always have an escape plan, in the event you find yourself in a bad situation. 
  • Establish alternative methods to contact family, friends and unit personnel. 
  • Discuss security plans with your family and other travelers. 

New safety measures 

  • Backpacks and heavy bags are strictly forbidden. 
  • A bag check is performed at all entrances. 
  • No strollers/baby carriages: 
  • Every day after 6 p.m. 
  • Saturdays. 
  • German Reunification Day (Oct. 3). 
  • Access controls and luggage checks (of smaller bags) may be performed.
  • The open flank at the slope side along Theresienhöhe is closed by means of a security fence in order to prevent avoidance of the checks. 
  • The entrance at the Theresienwiese subway stop is modified in such a manner that no guests are able to enter the festival area unchecked. 

Emergency contact information 

Polizei at Oktoberfest: 089-500-3220 

Garmisch MP station: 08821-750-3801 

Vilseck MP station: 09662-83-3398/3397 

USAG Bavaria Installation Operations Center: 09641-70-526-3025 

U.S. Consulate in Munich:

  • Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.: 089-2888-580 
  • After hours and on weekends: 089-2888-0 

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