What’s Up With You: Romantic photo contest winners

What’s Up With You: Romantic photo contest winners

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published: December 22, 2016

Last month, we asked you to show us “What’s Up With You” by contributing photos from your favorite romantic destinations around Europe. Readers voted on Facebook to help us choose the top three submissions. Here are the winners!

First place

Meg Sanders and her husband enjoy a picturesque view of ancient Agora, Athens on a romantic getaway for her birthday.

Second place

Melissa Arredondo and her husband share a sweet moment beneath a breathtaking Northern Lights display in Sweden.

Third place

Melissa Pontiff and her husband stand together at the top of the ancient ruins of Su Naraxi in Barumini, Italy.

Congratulations to our romantic photo contest winners — Meg Sanders, Melissa Arredondo and Melissa Pontiff! Their photos will be featured in the February 2017 issues of What’s Up magazine. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our next photo contest and another chance to win a $25 gift card!

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