Watch out for speed traps near Trier Aug. 22-28

Watch out for speed traps near Trier Aug. 22-28

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published: August 18, 2016

Be on the look out for speed traps set up in these locations throughout Trier Aug. 22-28.

Monday, Aug. 22 

  • B49, Bengel
  • L348, Berschweiler
  • B410, Gerolstein

Tuesday, Aug. 23

  • B49, Bengel
  • B269, Hüttgeswasen
  • B49, Alf

Wednesday, Aug. 24

  • B41, Idar-Oberstein
  • B407/B52, Reinsfeld
  • B410, Weinsheim-Brühlborn

Thursday, Aug. 25

  • B410, Gerolstein
  • L47, Bernkastel
  • L46, Trier

Friday, Aug. 26

  • B51, Serrig
  • B53, Kloster Machern

Saturday, Aug. 27

  • B51, Welschbillig
  • L46, Trier-Quint

Police have advised there may be cameras in other spots as well. To avoid getting a ticket, it is always best to stay well within the posted speed limits.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Trier police headquarters by phone 0651-9779-0 or email

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