Summer in Germany

by Amaya Harvey, Student from Wiesbaden HS
Stripes Europe

I think it’s safe to say that Germany is one of the best places to stay in the summer. The greyness of winter has finally subsided and the days are longer with warmer weather, at least most of the time. From free attractions to appetizing foods and music festivals, there’s no better way to enjoy the summer months than to spend them here in Germany.  

Summer is the peak of the tourism high season, and lines for everything are long. Tourists are everywhere and prices for everything go up. When I first moved to Wiesbaden, the first thing my family wanted to do was explore the German culture. Luckily, there are free attractions all around Germany and traveling is way easier than it is in the States. 

Our first stop was downtown Wiesbaden in order to get acquainted with our new town. We strolled around the market square peeking through quaint shops and trying some traditional German cuisine. The town of Rudesheim is a must with its beautiful view of the Rhine river, vineyards, shops and restaurants. 

We also decided to venture out and visit a few castles. Germany is known for its century-old castles with lots of history. The German castles not only look beautiful from the outside, but the views from the inside are astonishing. There are many castles to visit around Germany and they never get old, but I also love going beyond the quaint charming towns. There are bigger cities such as  Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne that are cultural hubs rich in history, diversity and beautiful architecture. From medieval towns to breathtaking natural beauty, Germany's got it all. 

Most people can agree that German food is delectable. One thing I love about German cuisine is that it has enough variety to appeal to the pickiest of eaters. It’s more than just sausage and bread. Of course, the bratwurst is an all-time favorite, as well as the schnitzel, fried potatoes,  salads, and spaetzle. Traditional German food can be found at every fest and market throughout the year.  

Germany hosts some of the best festivals in the world. Just around the time when summer starts, festivals begin. My favorite thing about festival season in Germany is that there is something for people of all ages. Some of the popular ones amongst adults are the beer and wine festivals. There are many kid friendly festivals in Wiesbaden as well such as the German-American fest and the Wilhelmstrasse fest. There are rides, foods, concerts, places to sit and converse, and markts (small stands that sell different things). I love that I can dance with my friends, eat a lot of food, go on rides, and overall just have a good time. 

Germany is one of the best places to stay in the summertime. The food is delicious, the festivals are entertaining, and the opportunities to travel are endless. 


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