Subscription boxes: the gift that keeps on giving

Subscription boxes: the gift that keeps on giving

by: Jerry Allison | .
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published: October 20, 2016

I love mail. Ever since I was a little girl, my day was made by running barefoot to the mailbox to pick up whatever was sent. As an adult, I’m the same way. I love, love mail. That is why I love subscription boxes.

What is a subscription box? It is a box that is sent monthly, sometimes bi-monthly, to your mailbox full of whatever you might love or enjoy as a hobby. It could be food, clothes, toys or something different entirely.

Geek boxes

The first box my husband subscribed to was Loot Crate. However, it quickly expanded from there to include Nerd Block, Geek Fuel and Funko boxes. And these are just some of the geek boxes out there. There seems to be more popping up every day.

Most geek boxes are themed every month. One of the themes for Loot Crate this year was Versus because “Batman vs. Superman” was coming out. Included in the box was a “Batman vs. Superman” wallet, “Daredevil” reversible beanie, “Alien vs. Predator” figure and more. Most of the boxes revolve around themes like these and include items that follow the theme.

I also like to find out themes of my boxes to see if I want to skip a box one month. I did this with Nerd Block’s Sci-Fi Block because I had no interest in “Doctor Who” one month. So if there is a theme you do not care about, you may be able to save that box for a later theme that you like more.

Food boxes

There are all sorts of food boxes, ranging from beer to jerky to gluten free. I subscribe to Love with Food that sends healthy snacks every month to my address. The company has three different versions of the box, the tasting box, deluxe box and gluten-free box. I get the deluxe box to split with my husband each month. It comes with chips, jerky, sweets and more. It’s great for healthy options that you can’t find at the commissary.

However, snacks aren’t your only option with food boxes. If you love jerky, you can subscribe to Jerky of the Month Club, or if you love coffee, there are several different coffee companies, like G.I. Joe Coffee Club that helps veterans (if you reside in Germany, be sure to check with your local postmaster as coffee is a rationed item and cannot be shipped to APO boxes). There’s even a sriracha box that only ships products made with sriracha. So if you love that hot condiment, that box is for you.

Beer boxes are harder to ship to APOs because the USPS doesn’t allow them. However, if you live off post, you can subscribe to BelgiBeer, which will deliver to your local address. BelgiBeer is a Belgian beer box that normally contains six to eight beverages a month. You also have the choice of receiving a beer glass from the brewery in that month’s box.

Clothing boxes

The first box I ever got into was Stitch Fix, which is a clothing subscription box based out of San Francisco. It became really popular really fast, and other clothing boxes started popping up as well. The idea behind them is they send new clothing items to you every month. When you schedule a Stitch Fix box, you tell your stylist what you are looking for, she sends you five clothing items or accessories, and you send back what you don’t like. It was perfect for when I needed a dress for my rehearsal dinner and when I started my new job.

Fitness boxes

If you are a runner, cross-fitter or just plain exerciser, there are boxes for you as well. StrideBox and RunnerBox will send you nutritional snacks and running accessories every month or every other month. More a crossfitter? There is the WOD-box that sends six to eight “functional fitness” items to your door. But there are yoga, cycling and other fitness boxes out there too.

These boxes are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can subscribe to. There are cosmetics boxes like Ipsy and Birchbox, book boxes (Book of the Month Club and OwlCrate) and more. So Google what you love and put subscription box after it, and I’m sure you can find it. You can find boxes at and

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