SpouseFit resiliency workshop on Ramstein

SpouseFit resiliency workshop on Ramstein

by: Stacy Roman | .
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published: February 07, 2017

Spouse resiliency workshops are a great way to network and learn coping skills within the demands of the military lifestyle. Although full of great information, a traditional resiliency course can feel similar to death by PowerPoint. Rather than sitting all day, the Ramstein Spouse Academy is ditching the projector and business attire for yoga mats and tennis shoes.

A SpouseFit resiliency workshop will be held at the Ramstein Officers’ Club from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Feb. 22 and 23. Gracie Self-Defense will literally kick-off the two-day event with self-defense demonstrations. Network with other spouses and local non-profit and volunteer organizations at the information fair. AAFES will also host a fashion show depicting examples of business casual, semi-formal and formal attire. There will be plenty of door prizes and swag bags for attendees.

For registration or more information, contact Ms. Jan Devitt. Reservations must be received no later than Feb. 17.

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