Shopping at flea markets without the heat

by Alejandra Flores
Stripes Europe

Many people look at flea markets and see old junk long past its due date of usage. But, while one person sees trivial items, another sees a new flower station out of that old baby carriage or a new dry erase board out of that old window. (Let’s all be honest, with a little bit of Pinterest almost all of us can find our crafty creative side.)

So, if finding the worth in what many call “worthless” isn’t the problem, then why do we still drag our feet as we trudge from stand to stand? My guess, it’s the sweat you feel dripping from your forehead or the clothes that seem to become your new skin as they stick to your back as the sun rays incessantly beat down on you. The heat turns an exciting day of treasure hunting to a feet-dragging, grumpy, hot, maybe even irritable day surrounded by other sweaty strangers cramped into one plot of land.

If heat isn’t your thing, but finding hidden treasures is, then I highly recommend the Midnight Bazaar in Munich at the Olympic Park Center. Held only in the evening from 5 to 11 p.m., on July 13 and August 20, the Midnight Bazaar is in an empty warehouse away from the overbearing rays of the sun. They will have live music and street food creating an engaging, sociable atmosphere that can be enjoyed by many, not just thrifters. There is an entrance fee of three euros per person and children are free, but with live entertainment, a variety of food options, and interesting people that sell interesting things, I think it’s worth the cost!

With all the perks of a flea market, minus the death rays of the sun, the Midnight Bazaar might just be the place you find that new old vintage decoration you’ve been ogling on Pinterest for months but haven’t found yet or where you meet up with friends to enjoy good food and music. Either way, the Midnight Bazaar is worth looking into!

For more information on this event visit the official Midnight Bazaar website.



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